2022 Martinsville Watermelon Wall Banger 500

Wow. What an absolutely insane finish to the actual race. I don’t know about you, but we’ve never seen anything close to that in all the hundreds of races we’ve watched! Holy moly.

And another rare sight in the fantasy league – Lou won! Choosing Briscoe and Custer usually hurt him weekly, but this time it paid off with a 24 point win over Desmond. Diane was 35 back in third. Points leader Bill had a subpar race and lost a few points to Diane and Vicki but still has a 124 point margin heading into the last race. It’s not impossible for him to be beaten but the odds are in his favor. A really bad race for Cheryl sees her drop to last overall.

Phoenix is all that’s left to decide the 2nd half winner and the 2022 overall season champion. The 2022 Season Standings are shown at the bottom of this post and also is now in the top menu options. In the season battle, Diane holds a 91 point lead over Vicki and 110 over Bill. Thanks for playing!

2022 2nd Half Standings

2022 Full Season Standings

2022 Player Team Name 1st Half 2nd Half Total Behind
1 Diane Blossom1958 3868 3627 7495 0
2 Vicki MiMi 3794 3654 7448 -47
3 Bill Wasted Knights 3634 3789 7423 -72
4 Desmond Rubbin Bubba 3755 3639 7394 -101
5 Cheryl CAT Racing 3771 3580 7351 -144
6 Lou Figure 1 Motorsports 3598 3640 7238 -257