2022 Homestead Fall Race

Wow. Vicki’s massive push at the end of the season continues. She’s now won 4 out of the last 6 races, beating Cheryl by 17 this time. Congratulations Vicki! Points leader Bill had a decent third place finish and Lou doesn’t finish last for a change. Vicki moves up to third in the 2nd half standings, now just one point behind Diane! With a 145 point lead and two races to go, Bill’s lead SHOULD be safe but he can’t afford a single bad race. I don’t have a webpage up for it yet, but the 2022 overall standings for the whole year has Diane on top, Vicki is 75 back, and Bill is 89 back. Anyone of those three could win the 2nd half and the whole season! On to Martinsville. Thanks for playing.

2022 2nd Half Standings