2022 Bristol Night Race Results

It looks like Vicki got her mojo back this week, scoring the win and 245 points! Great job, Vicki! Lou was 2nd, just 10 points back, and Diane was 3rd, 28 points back. Our top 3 in points all struggled this week, but Bill finished 4th. That coupled with Desmond’s DNF, allowed Bill to retake the 2nd Half YTD lead. Desmond dropped to 2nd, now 54 points back. Cheryl’s dismal finish dropped her from 3rd to LAST YTD. Lou’s strong finish allowed him to jump up from 5th to 3rd place, now 75 points behind Bill. Thanks to everyone for playing! Next up, another boring 1 1/2 mile track at Texas.

2022 2nd Half Standings