2022 Pocono Results

So after two DQs late Sunday, it took us a while to get the correct results for the race (actually we were busy canning tomatoes yesterday). Anyway, there was a big shakeup from the Speedcouch results right after the race Sunday night. Ultimately, Desmond came out on top with the win by just ONE point over Bill in 2nd! Diane and her sister, Vicki tied for 3rd place just 5 points back. Great job to all of you! You can thank Cheryl for NASCAR disqualifying the top two because she vowed to never pick a Gibbs’ car and look what happened! Cheryl pays the price for going against her principles and finishes dead last this week. Lou finished near the bottom as well and coupled with Bill’s strong finish drops to 2nd YTD. Bill takes over the lead by 3 points. Desmond remains in 2nd, now only 28 points back. Cheryl drops to last YTD. Thanks to everyone for playing! Next up another [yawn] road course, this week at the “exciting” Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

2022 2nd Half Standings