Daytona Road Course Results

So an oversight allowed Cheryl to get her 2nd win in a row at Daytona (she meant to trade to a different driver in group 1, but got caught up making trades in 3 other groups and forgot). Fortunately, a mistake brought her the win and 241 points this week. Kim was 2nd, just 43 points back and Bill was 3rd, 62 points back. Cheryl maintains the YTD lead, now 94 points ahead of Bill who moves up to 2nd YTD. Kim’s strong finish this week allowed her to move into 3rd, 109 points back, tied with Keith. Unfortunately Vicki’s bad week lands in last place this week and in the YTD standings, but we’re sure she’ll move back up in the standings soon like she always does. Thanks to everyone for playing! Next up, Homestead Speedway.

2021 Daytona Road Course