Daytona 500 Results

Welcome to the 2019 Speedcouch Fantasy League. We’re up to 10 players for this half of the season! Clay restored his Funk Express team after sitting out the 2nd half last year. We have one new player, Eric, who chose his team name to be “Dead Last,” but in his very first attempt at playing with us, he wins! Congratulations, Eric! Might need to change your team name if you keep this up.

The remaining top five scores for Keith, Vicki, Lou, and Bill were very close as they battled to survive the end of race carnage. Our fearless leader, Cheryl, had a bad race and finished last this week, nearly 100 points back! Obviously the YTD standings are the same as the weekly result right now, but from this point on, when we post race results here, you’ll see two tables, one for that week’s race and one for the overall standings.

We’ve also got the driver groupings available for viewing anytime you want by clicking the menu item at the top of the page. Lou is still seeing if there’s a way he can reliably get team submissions done online via this page, but it could be a while. So for now, we’ll send out weekly reminders, you’ll email your teams to Cheryl, and we’ll post results here.

wdt_ID Place Player Team Name Points Behind
1 1 Eric Last Place 206 0
2 2 Keith Race-Pa 199 -7
3 3 Vicki MiMi 196 -10
4 4 Lou Figure 1 Motorsports 195 -11
5 5 Bill Wasted Knights 193 -13
6 6 Desmond Rubbin Bubba 178 -28
7 7 Diane Blossom1958 164 -42
8 8 Rita The Lucky Dogs 160 -46
9 9 Clay Funk Express 140 -66
10 10 Cheryl CAT Racing 108 -98

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