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Official Support Your Local Short Track Weekend
by Lou Lauer
August 30, 2007

There's really nothing different about this weekend that makes it more worthy of supporting your local short track, you should do it as much as possible already. But this is Labor Day weekend and race fans who have been around more than a couple of years will instantly associate Labor Day weekend with the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway.

Since that great tradition has been cast aside by the same folks (you know who they are - begins with N and ends with R) who have managed to screw up racing in general, abandoned tracks which made it great in favor of 1.5 mile cookie cutter tracks, helped end the life of more than one short track touring series, and turned the greatest sport into an entertainment package - why not start your own tradition!

Turn off the TV and the race broadcasts and turn on your car and head out to your local short track. The drivers and series need your support. The tracks need your support, The sport needs your support. If we don't stop following the leader, they will be leading us off a cliff! Get back to enjoying what you used to love. Nobody needs to hear 87 stories about what number a certain driver will be using next year, or what mega-corporation is teaming with what mega-team to provide "cash influx", or which famous non-stock car driver will be joining the trend. The heck with driver development and false promises made. While we're sitting around being turned into zombies, we're missing out on some great action right in our own backyards! Drivers ARE being developed and you can see them right now!

We used to support this 'other series' by spending our hard-earned money and limited free time going to as many of their races as we could afford. Thank goodness that we found the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series in 1999. We've gone through rehab and aren't looking back! We're back to really enjoying watching a great race nearly every time we sit in the stands. Make this weekend the start of your rebirth and vow to make it to your local track. Whether it's Dog Hollow Speedway, Atomic Speedway, Oswego, Talladega Shorttrack, Nashville Fairgrounds, Valdosta, or Irwindale - just do it! Short track are on the endangered species list!

Oh, and there just happens to be a little 250 lap deal at Mansfield Motorsports Park this weekend. Nothing more than 50 great drivers, a half-mile track, and some great weather. You can count on us being there! See you at the track!

Too bad that OSYLSTW doesn't make a spiffy acronym - we could make logos, sell t-shirts, hats, and become just like them!

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