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Author Topic: Comment about the speed channel and 12 hours of sebring.  (Read 560 times)
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Bryan Blanton
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« on: March 20, 2005, 07:51:16 AM »

I was watching the 12 hours of  sebring yesterday  saturday and i know this has really made me mad it seems that the speed network really caters to nascar and it really makes me sick in a way 1 of the reasons i started watching speed back when it was called speedvision was cause of the diversity of the racing series on there.

Now all that seems to be on there is nascar that's because of nascars money.

And i like nascar even though i have beenm losing interest in nascar over the past few years.

1 of the reasons i hated the pitbull show and other shows nascar had is because they interfere with races like the 12 hours of sebring the 24 hours of lemans in france and the petit lemans in road atlanta.

I hate that when the speed network switches from good racing on the track like the sebring race yesterday over to 4 guys or 4 bobbleheads or 5  bobbleheads sitting there on a stage chatting over something meaningless or having a bunch of guys yell at each other like pitbull did and not have a clue of what they are saying. Or some meaningless bs.

And they decide to show that over racing.

Maybe the reason nascar decides to have that programming is the american lemans series is a rival series to the france's sportscar series the rolex sportscar series or whatever it is.

It seems like unfortuanately sportscar racing seems to be making the same mistake indycar racing is because sportscar racing i think in a way has gone to the pits and not pit road i mean by the pits in a bad way.

1 thing i think that doesn't help sportscar racing - alms is they let the audis dominate the series and i don't think they do anything to stop it.

I know that runs a lot of manufacturers away.

And i like a lot of the guys who drive the audis like allen mcnish  tom kristensen jj lehto etc etc.

But still when you have team like audi dominate the series and alms doesn't do anything to stop it or slow em down who wants to race them.

I think the only team i've seen beat the audis was the bentley team and they were running the same audi engine i think i think the reason why they beat them was money and better aerodynamics on their cars then the audis but bentley left the alms in 2003 i think after they won what they set out accomplish which was win at sebring and lemans.

They had accomplished what they set out to do so they felt like they had nothing left to accomplish so after the 2003 season they withdrew from racing much like porsche and bmw.

Even though porsche has a few 911 and dp that run in grand am and in alms they have a few gt 911's.

The only guys i've seen audi have a real problem with besides bentley is the dyson team which challenged them saturday at sebring they built a judd lola or riley and scott not sure.

What i meant by  sportscar making the same mistake that indycar did it didn't help indycar any when tony george caused the split or rift in indycar because before the irl car counts were higher than ever and so was the money and tv ratings backin 1995 they were close behind nascar in tv ratings cart was.

When tony george caused the split or rift in indycar racing it caused smaller and smaller fields and fewer cars showed up at certain races and etc etc.

There's even talk this year that their maybe a short field for the 500 but i'm sure tony george or they'll find a way to have a 33 car starting field.

You can tell that the same thing that is happening in indycar has happened to sportscar because in the 2 prototype series p 1 and p 2 in the alms at sebring yesterday i think they only had 5 or 6 cars in each class even though at lemas they'll probably a stronger or bigger entry of cars they always seem to do similar to indianapolis.

Alhough the gt classes at sebring were well they always do have a strong turnout for the gt classes though.

I could go on and on talking about this but i'd rather not i was just curious what other people though about yesterdays race at sebring.

I know 1 more thing about the speed channel that made me upset was they chose to switch to busch series qualifying they chose that over an actual race ohh well i guess there's nothing that you can do unless your rich and have a huge satellite with some technology i guess top get the actual feed of that race.
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