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Author Topic: Loyalty  (Read 772 times)
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« on: March 29, 2004, 03:50:15 PM »

Loyalty, one of the most powerful word there is.  Loyalty is:

1) When you are deep in sleep at 2:00am but your infant is crying.  You   get up and tend to his/her wailing.

2) When you have $5 and your friend has none. You give him/her $2.50.

I have been a fan of nascar since 1992, the year in which Alan Kulwicki won his Winston Cup. All through the years I increasingly became well entrenched in the sport. No other sport can match the anticipated excitment that nascar has.  Nascar fans are the most loyal fans there are. Gordon, Jr., Stewart, Kenseth, among others,  no doubt have a large following. However, Hillenburg, Shelmerdine, Ruttman have their loyal fans as well, maybe not as vast as those drivers, but loyal nonetheless.

Nascar, you see, no longer is akin to the word loyalty.  Who are they loyal to when:

1)They implement rules that allow for some of the most boring racing  I've seen since I started watching.

2)They attempt to control everything within their grasp, drivers included.

3)They have a sponor for EVERYTHING.  For example:

      a) Pizza Hut- The official pizza delivery of nascar
      b) Ford F150- The official truck of nascar
      c)Home Depot- The official home improvement store of nascar
      d)Sunoco- The official fuel of nascar
4)They have 2 people who are worth 1 billion yet a driver like Jeff Burton can not land a sponsor.

5)They say they want to cut costs but do the opposite.

6)They implement a playoff system that was wholeheartedly ridiculed by the masses.  In addition, at their own website poll, the fans were in majority in disagreeing with it.

Those are just a few, believe me, I had more. To me, number 6 is the most disheartening of all.  If that wasn't a smack in the face of tradition then taking the Southern 500  and movin it to the california speedway surely would be.  Heyyyyy, wait a minute, they did that already.
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« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2004, 08:59:50 PM »

You made some excellent points, Phillip!

Unfortunately the only thing NASCAR is loyal to these days is the almighty dollar.   Sad

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