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Author Topic: Evoulution of radio  (Read 461 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: March 01, 2005, 05:18:12 PM »

The radio was a great invention, brought to us early in the twentieth century. It forged a new nation of sorts through its offering of music and narratives that saw families gather in the evening for what must have been a magical and wholesome time. News was spread at the fastest rate up to that point in time. In my opinion the world was made much bigger in the very instant of its inception, yet at that very same moment began to shrink and fold onto itself until nothing was left but a vast but common existence. Certainly political differences and motivations had a new stage with which to wage war but nothing could beat the commercial value and its power to bring into the homes and lives of the population, the products of the ages. Commerce on the old radio, was propelled by brands, stores,ideas, you name it, and throughout the history of radio, to say at all times, commercial motives were the backbone that supported such things from the fine art of poetry and symphony, to the corny pop culture of mystery shows and game shows. Surly the art of the commercial trade had been perfected by the time the big box arrived.

 With the advent of television radio was cast aside to be nothing more than a sideshow to what was soon to become the single most important influence of the modern era. Commercialism has at this point in time become one this countries’ biggest eyesores ever. Massive billboards pollute intersections with messages that are not only needless and obvious but rather insulting at times. Our intelligence is taken to task by commercials and salesmanship in just about every venue possible. Tasteful advertising seems almost like a paper dragon not to be taken seriously as catch phrases and fat content lead a blubbering pack of mind clutter into our daily lives until it finaly threatens to become the very fiber of who and what we are.
  So with all this money and garbage art flying around why would we expect any different from a race coverage. Endless commercials have been the complaint of home race fans forever since the sport was first televised. It is what drives the vehicle of being able to see races in the first place. But FOX has gone a bit far, or should I say “it” has gone too far. In the backrooms that are boardrooms, deals are turned and spun until a final plan has been put in place. FOX had its coverage team go to great lengths to keep mentioning the OSCARS throughout the race on Sunday and I for one was getting pretty tired of it. Was it due to the fact that they were out there in California alone? They steered clear of what channel it was going to be on but foolish acting awards has little to do with racing in my mind. That is until recently with all this chrome and diamonds imagery. FOX has become one of the biggest media fat cats around when it comes to tasteless and endless commercialism. To me the evolution of radio seems to only be on a final demise that can be seen with the demise of the beings that brought forth it. In a parallel existence radio is the little brother of television and FOX is the king of all that lacks in what could be an insightful and educational coverage of the goings on in the NASCAR races that it has the rights to televise. The level of commercialism is unprecedented to this point in time and is only going to get worse. FOX will be there leading the way for sure. I’m sure it was a bit of a disappointment to those guys in the “Hollywood hotel” and such, to learn that the “lucky dog” was off limits. I’m kinda’ surprised that none of you guys and gals caught the remark that was made about all the good lines are “copyrighted”. Well it’s good to see competition even it at the levels of commercialism…….I guess. I would rather see Larry Mac rip off the collar and go for the box, but it was a family motivated decision that brought him out of the sport and into the booth. I think I miss Wally and Benny at this point but at the same time can see commercials there as well. Back to the Boardrooms, what will FOX pay for the Lucky dog rights?
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2005, 09:50:50 PM »

Good remarks in reference to Fox.  I do agree with the Oscar thing and it just irritated me that they had to have their own award scroll at the top of the screen part of the time.  Yes, I caught the 'copyrighted' remarks and it made me smile because I thought back to when Dale and Richard were smart enough to do that to their number '3' and other stuff.
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