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Author Topic: for the betting woman or man  (Read 586 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: February 12, 2005, 03:37:18 PM »

Before you place a bet anywhere you first have to realize that gambling is a sickness. Some may claim they can turn it on and off like a switch and have no fear of becoming consumed by this madness. That’s great, if you are one of these gifted folks that have the will power to run your life within the strict borders of common sense that will protect you from the evils that lurk. However the rush of having 50 of your hard earned dollars hanging on the actions of another person, team or event is undeniably a thrill. The shear uncertainty is what for many, the true attraction and addiction of wagering is all about. Whether it is the crisp clink of the ball hitting the dividers on a roulette wheel, or the sight of a fumbled snap laying on the turf for what seems like minutes, the thrill of gambling is taking a firm grip on society today. Gambling is nothing new to overstate the obvious, but it grows with leaps and bounds with every turn of histories’ pages.
The question facing many racing fans I would suspect is, should I make a bet. Sure there are countless fantasy leagues and wild and wacky sweepstakes that can take all season to unfold, but in the end the thrill and anxiety of true wagering is certainly lacking. So now that you are convinced a few bucks from the cookie jar will be put on the nose of a car where do you go from here? The answer to that is simple. Bet your fanfare, put it all on your favorite driver to win the race flat out. No sense in sitting there, watching the race from the barstool/couch/trackside seat or what have you if you have to cheer on your driver while secretly supporting another. Wrong! Not a bigger mistake could be made than to just plop the weedwacker fund on the head of the families’ lifelong driver. Whit a little research and devotion you will find there are many ways to put your finances to work for you in the wide wide world of wagering. Spread it around a little. There are bets of all kinds you can have fun with, just remember to keep it fun. For when the first bet is won and you come so close on the second, you are nothing if not at the doorstep of a long and pulsating decline if you get hooked.

Options for a race are endless if your are in the right booking venue, bet to place, bet to show, match bets, the list is endless and being at the sports book is by far the best way to go. Odds are the biggest enticer, nothing beats holding a ticket to a 20 to1 shot, with a mere ten bucks that could give you a nice little pay out. If it does however, you will be left standing there in a daze of regret that it was not $20 you had put on it. The $10 you poured onto Brian Vickers at let’s say 100 to 1 seems now a big pipe dream. The driver you got at 20 to 1 was 35 to 1 a week ago why did you wait? You should have got locked in when the odds were at there best. Stop here: as this is a small signpost that reads “sickness”. Any regret that is not met with common sense and quickly swept aside is a sign that you are on the support threads of what soon could be a tangled web of secrecy, guilt, and deception (to ones loved ones as well as yourself). But on the other hand go out and have fun, keep on top of the fun and excitement of putting a little candy money on the race. A genuine smile that has you in the easy come easy go mind set for sure will keep you in control. There is no harm in it, is there? Everyone does it, I think. Well, whatever the logic, you should decide for yourself if you have the will power to fight off the demons that so easily corrupt the feeble minded when it comes to gambling.

So now that we decided to get in on the action what should we do? Match up? This bet swings around like basket ball on the end of a 10 foot rubber band. Take Jarrett VS. B. Labonte, Betting on Jarrett is at one place

Minus 145, this means that you must bet $145 to win $100 if Jarrett finishes ahead of B. Labonte. Betting B. Labonte is at Plus 135, this means you have to bet $100 to win $135. Seems simple enough. Just go to the bank, make arrangements to Get $5000 and find a book to take a match-up on Dale E. to beat Morgan S. The odds for that I can only guess and will not look up, but match ups are a way to wager. This Match up bet is an example offered by an “off shore” book. I prefer to stay stateside thank you.

Where else but Vegas right? Vegas is big and getting bigger. In droves we heard ourselves like sheep and cattle in search of the big golden handle that will land us gently back at our doorstep with funds to burn on a new boat, a new bed, another trip to Vegas (“hey lets go to Reno this time”). All just a dream, put all plans in a bottle and send it out to sea if you are going to “count on gambling”. But Vegas is a nice start. The road to locating a sports book can be a long and tiring one. By the time you find what you want, your brain can and most times is fried. Fried to the point, where betting with any intelligence seems at best a crapshoot. It leaves you in a cloud of disinterest that for most is by the odds makers’ favorite, a blessing. However with your feet planted firmly on the ground, very firmly, wagering can add an aspect to the race, that is fast becoming if not already legal and a socially acceptable personal attribute, to ones definitive make up. Be careful, some places want fees and this and that, my advice is to pick up the telephone and call Ceasers’ Palace and try to get to a “human being” in the sports book. The casinos in the downtown area I think, are filled with real, real, nice people and are great to talk to. Map it. Take your time.

So let’s give the new bettor some tips if they are sure in their mind and heart that losing and winning are going to be kept locked firmly in the common sense cupboard. Trying to win does not make up for losing, as winning does not make us sure of never losing. And around and around and around we go. Here’s odds on the Shootout from a fairly mainstream source. Remember, search out the odds. Guys that had the NFC plus 3 in the Superbowl were not happy, but looking at the odds chart there at the Stardust, customers found 3 ½. According the sources I used Things that make you go HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMM !!! I never bet on that game this year as I never found that inner soundness needed to make a decision that I could be well with.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2005 - 5:00 pm(PST)

I like the Bill Elliot and Mayfield cars at 22 to 1 Tony Stewart though…aaauuuggg. See where this can go?
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