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Author Topic: Has NASCAR "jumped the shark"?  (Read 2060 times)
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Smallblock bored
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2005, 01:53:01 PM »

I guess it be long ago ..maybe 2003 when I wrote this dribble at                                                                                                                                                                                          By: Mike Martinez | Writers Bio
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If I could put into words what it was like to be the fan that I am, but a fan that I am not, it would have to be this. For a great time now I have seen things that would make a sailor sick, and keep a good duck grounded.


If you could picture for a second or two a gaggle of turkeys walking through the wooded land in search of small seeds and root endings that make up the never ending search for food, that is most, if not all of a turkeys day. This is a nice scene. This is a sight to see a child's eye on to life. A harmony of balance and flow in life itself.


Now take a farmyard of chickens in search of what is left of the days feed. An unorganized skirmish of hunger and greed. A display of what could be considered by some a laughable exploit of greed. So which is it folks? Chickens or Turkeys? I say Chickens. Chickens best suits as a metaphor, to what NASCAR as a whole is today. One is all this gargle on moving a race to Texas from one of the southern tracks. The other is this babble on what the garage area rules and standards should be.


Meanwhile one of the group is the ugliest of them all, as the youth vs. old issue. The Gordon divorce. Sponsorship. Being a celebrity. Signing autographs. Not running IROC. Sponsor conflicts. The list goes on and on about things that are so "not racing" that I as one, am wondering what the hell I am a fan of.


It seems that as soon as a new issue is raised the whole NASCAR cow pile frays into splinters on this that the other thing, but no "racing". Just to put into perspective what I mean here for a second. What was the biggest...biggest thing that happened last year? Crash? HHMM...maybe but no. Driver change? No not near. How about the spring. Yea the spring. The spring that NASCAR found to be an "off coil" means nothing that cost Martin so dearly. Riddle me this. How come we hear so little about tech and component issues? Instead we have off track horse soap that goes on and on.


Does anybody really think that Elliot Saddler is going to hop into that program and just become a contender? If he does, i'll say this much for the circuit. Cheat. Nerve. Luck. Crew chief. All equal players. Did I say cheat? I sure did. Instead of young drivers vs. older drivers, lets start saying traction control vs. not. Could there really be a wireless version that has a man in the stands on and offing this thing? Did I say nerve? Young boys have it, veterans have to find it. Luck. Well luck is just that.


Ask Kenny S. how bad his was and why he is driving the Bing Bong BAM car. Crew chief? Fat back walked, let's see what happens to the number 38.


All in all fans and all involved scramble and freak to the tune of so much "non racing" bull it just makes me sick. I shut out all the horse and filter my head to the tune of engines, tires, spoilers, drivers, breakage, wind (breaking it) and feelings. Open up a good book or old media guide and let me know if you read anything about divorce, or fans being "in the way". Texas Motor Speedway.... get my pillow.


NASCAR is burying a lot more than its head on this one. I guess what I am saying is this..........


Stop and smell this rose.

For it wither on the vine.

From the soured ashes,

There be not a drop of wine.

In growth comes death,

Fruitless sprouts abound.

Confusion and concession,

Dead fruit lay on the ground.

Cater to the hungry,

The feast is famine slain.

Forget not your true roots,

For it's the root that drinks the rain.
« Reply #16 on: February 11, 2005, 12:53:57 AM »

Hey kids, been a while since I've visited. So..... here we go...
NASCAR "jumped the shark" with that awful TV package. The deals with ABC and CBS were always going to be doomed. CBS on had great coverage of one race(Daytona) and the folks at ABC/ESPN/DISNEY (whoever the parent company is now) wanted a percentage stake in the ownership of NASCAR. I know this from the inside as I was privy to the deliberations between ESPN and the PBA(Disney owns 20% by the way) Well, since the France family is not for sale, the rest of the track owners did what was best "in the interest of the sport" and let NBC and FOX cheerlead for their favorite drivers week after week.
Alan Bestwick is great as a show host, but has no business color commentating. Benny Parsons should have retired with Ned Jarret. DW needs to Boogity, Boogity, Boogity his ass into hiding, only mkaing appearances as a grand marshall or something. God, do I miss Dr Jerry Punch on pit road.

As far as the France family just running a corporate entity for profit,we all need to sit back and look at all "sports". Every sport, every level is for sale to the highest sponsor dollar. From Lowe's in Cup to Coca-Cola
paying schools to place vending machines and billboards on ball fields every sport has a price. (except the NHL, whose owners told the union this is our sandbox, get out)  I think all of this HYPE about the "CHASE", the new found catch phrases (NASCAR Accelartion 2005) have cheapened NASCAR but have helped the sport of racing. Interest in racing at all levels is up all around the country (ASA who?) Sandusky Speedway packed in over 110 cars and about 1200 fans for the Hang-Over races on New Year's day. It was only 38 degrees.  I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me free weekends to travel from Cleveland to cities like Nashville, Salem, Jennerstown, Cayuga (you get the point). Most of the shows I see are regular weekly shows, with large car counts and standing room only crowds and an ocean of NASCAR merchandise. I get to one CUP show a year, The 600, ( those folks in Charlotte no how to throw a party!!!!!!!) So From a business standpoint, the master plan has worked.

 Every sport has fans and critics, Monday morning quarterbacks, yadda, yadda, yadda. We are not the ones making the decisions, we either like it or come here to cry.  Thanks for letting me shout a little.


PS. 9 days til 500
« Reply #17 on: February 11, 2005, 01:48:35 AM »

Ken, I applaud you for going to races at local tracks when you can.  I know the racing (all types of it) must be great at some of the tracks you go to.  When I lived in CA we would go to some of the tracks there and always enjoyed the cars.  Now we are too far away from most tracks and have to go with what is on tv.  And I do agree with the fact that from a business standpoint, all sports do what they have to do to get the $$$, sponsors and fans.  I, personally, miss the good old days and we do have to live with the fact that they are gone; so we complain, remember and long for the simpler days when companies were not so 'driven'.  Excuse the pun.  

Join us more often with your views.  Thanks
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