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Author Topic: Question would anybody have any races on tape from 1991?  (Read 762 times)
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Bryan Blanton
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« on: November 29, 2004, 03:16:57 AM »

And yes i,m talking about the year 1991.

There,s this 1 nascar race from the year 1991 i,ve been trying to get on tape but as of yet i have not got it on tape.

The name of the race is the 1991 winston 500.

Yes it was a winston cup race.

The main series in nascar.

It was held at talladega on sunday may 5th 1991 and monday may6th 1991 the reason it was held on monday is due to a rainout.

Would anybody have this race on tape. Including both rain delays - the rainout from sunday.

I know on sunday the day the race was supposed to run they actually had the cars on the track they even got the 1 lap to go before green signal then it rained and rained real hard.

It rained so hard there were lakes and rivers in the talladega infield.

Somebody,s jeep got submerged down there some fan videotaped it and gave the footage to espn i think.

And espn showed it on the air on monday before they went green.

Also the the pit - garage area was flooded full of water.

I know the weather got so bad that day i think there was a threat of tornadoes and high winds so the fans were told to get out of the grandstands.

And bob benny and ned espn,s 3 guys in the booth were told to get out of the booth.

They went down to the garage area and interviewed drivers.

If i remember right i think they interviewed lake speed shortly before or after the race was cancelled.

And they showed how much water was in the garage area or you could just tell how much water was in the garage area.

I if i remember right i think espn interviewed on sunday during the delay i think they interviewed several drivers such as rusty wallace kyle petty? ernie irvan i think dale earnhardt and darrell waltrip i,m pretty sure they interviewed darrell because i remember them the espn announcers saying darrell caught a case of john kernan and he did his icky shuffle.

I know eventually the race was cancelled rained out on sunday.

So they tried again on monday it rained on monday too because they had to dry the track the race was delayed awhile on monday they eventually got the track dry and got the race going.

The race was a very good and competitive race  several drivers led the race.

There were 3 cautuion flags in the race the first caution was caused by larry pearsons crash.

The 2nd caution was caused by greg sacks having an engine problem - his car looking oil on the track.

The 3rd caution and red flag was caused by a multicar crash i think 21 cars were involved kyle petty suffered a broken leg mark martin,s car got up halfway in the air and almost got airborne.

The red flag lasted 30 minutes because of  well several reasons getting cars off the track and cleaning up debris oil and water off the track.

There was water sprayed on the backstretch because of the cars going in the very very very very very wet extremely wet grass.

There was probably some mud or sand or clay on the track too depending on what they have in alabama.

After the red flag the remainder of the cars restarted it was still a very competitive race with many drivers swapping the lead.

Eventually the race settled down after the 3rd yellow the remainder of the race the rest of the race ran green flag all the way to the finish.

Harry gant thru strategy and fuel mileage won the race he ran the final 56 laps on his tank of fuel to win the race.

I saw this 1 guy on here dr.pep or brian with an i said he has recorded races since 1988 i wonder if he would have the race on tape including sundays rain delay rainout coverage interviews etc etc. on tape.

And if he would have all of mondays coverage on tape if he don,t have it on tape would anybody who post here on this message board or would anybody on this message board who post here know anybody who would have this and other races on tape?

Well if anybody would have this race on tape can they either post on this message board or can they e-mail me and let me know they have this race on tape thanks.

Here is my e-mail address if anybody wants to e-mail me.

my e-mail address is
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2004, 11:53:33 AM »

Sorry I can't help you.  ESPN Classic is showing a bunch ofraces starting on Dec. 1.  It's their prelude to the movie "3", so they will all be Earnhardt victories, but they are showing several from North Willkesboro.  If anyone has forgotten what racing USED to be like, this is a chance to remind yourself.  They are doing a race a night starting Wed. at 9 PM, then all day Friday.

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