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Author Topic: Rusty and Jeremy Reunited  (Read 762 times)
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« on: November 08, 2004, 05:26:33 PM »

Queue that old Peaches and Herb song, "...reunited and it feels so good..."   :lol:

Not sure how much media attention this got on TV or the internet over the weekend as I didn't read or watch much anything on TV (except the truck race).  But we heard about this announcement on XM driving down to Virginia on Friday.  Rusty Wallace announced that his former Cup teammate, Jeremy Mayfield, will be driving his second Busch car next season.  Personally, I found this quite interesting as I remember Jeremy leaving the 12 car and Penske under pretty bad circumstances a few years ago.  Didn't Jeremy leave under really ugly cicumstances?  According to the report I heard, Rusty now admits he was too inflexible about the car set-ups that Jeremy was promoting at the time.  Imagine that???  Rusty admitting he was wrong!   :lol:

Anyway, I don't remember all the details about this new deal, but Jeremy will be getting the Miller High Life sponsorship which was on Jason Keller's Busch car this year.  That part of it really stinks IMHO...another Busch regular loses a sponsor to yet another Cup whacker running a partial Busch schedule.  

Jamie McMurray will still be in Rusty's other Busch car (one will be 66 and one will be 64, but can't remember who is in which number).  Also, other tidbits from the press conference on Friday was Claire B. Lang reporting that it came out that Jamie is now dating Rusty's daughter (Katie, I think her name is).  Hmmmm...Jamie seems to make sure and date only women who can further his career (first Miss Winston and now Miss Wallace)?   Cheesy

As an aside, I couldn't help but wonder if part of the deal Rusty made with Jeremy included some Dodge R&D from Everham Motorpsports for his Busch team?  I'm just getting real sick of all these "shadow" teams in Busch for Cup car owners.  I'm rapidly losing almost all interest in the Busch Series...It's turned in to nothing but a dress rehearsal for Sunday or an R&D series for the mega Cup teams.  Sorry to rant, but I just hate it for guys like David Green and Jason Keller.  Pretty soon, they'll be back to spotting for other teams or testing only, when they are both excellent race car drivers.  But now, neither one of them has a sponsor going into 2005.  The part-time whackers are stealing all the good sponsors...

Just saw this picture at, so I guess Jeremy and Jamie will take turns driving the 64 car:

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