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Author Topic: Scoring Loops  (Read 499 times)
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« on: November 09, 2004, 12:56:20 PM »

I hate to say this, but Mikey (number 2 Nascar hack behind Jimmy Spencer these days) made a point I agree with on IWC last night.  He said the scoring loops should be visible on the tracks so the drivers (and the fans?) can see when cars cross the loops after a caution flag.  I've complained about this since they started the system...and you all know how I HATE to complain about Nascar!  I know Cheryl probably won't agree, but I think this would have stopped the trashing of the track at Talladega, resolving the question of who was ahead of whom when the caution came out.  I certainly don't trust Nascar to be accurate without some way to check what they tell us.  Remember the infamous "No, the caution light didn't come on, Carl" during the truck race this year? :oops:

And, I found myself wondering if Junior's windshield infraction had any connection with his 'protest' of crowds in the garage area?  That impromptu autograph session at the Nascar trailer apparently created quite a traffic jam.  Just a thought that I had.
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2004, 06:30:56 PM »

Mikey was really full of stuff last night.   :wink:   I kind of agree with him but I think too many lines across the track might be distracting.  Maybe just some dot markings or something of the sort may help.  I do agree with him on the fact that all tracks should be marked alike for pit road entrance and starting line.  

Something else he said bothered me.  He was  awfully quick to blame something on Robbie that could not have happened.  Can't remember who else was involved, but how could Robbie take air off someone's rear when he was beside them, not behind them?? :?  IMO, he was just talking a lot of the time just to hear himself talk.  ie:  it was Mayfield or maybe Kahne.  Anyway, one of them red Dodges.  Again, jmo..he was full of it.
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