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Author Topic: Michigan results  (Read 156 times)
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« on: August 19, 2015, 01:19:42 AM »

Well Lou apparently stayed awake long enough to take the win in our group this week at Michigan and 13th in the nation.  Good job, Lou!  Bill was just 8 points back in 2nd, and Desmond 15 points back in 3rd.  Apparently the "JR needs to get back on the lead lap" caution cursed both Cheryl and Keith this week, setting up the restart where Newman wrecked Bowyer.  This coupled with the win allows Lou to draft past Keith and take over the 2nd Half YTD lead and an amazing 2nd in the entire universe!  But never fear, Keith is still only 14 points behind Lou.  Unfortunately because of her mediocre finish, Cheryl drops 45 points behind Lou while remaining in 3rd YTD.  Bill is 4th, now only 98 points back.  But, never fear, the great equalizer is coming up this Saturday!  It's Bristol Baby!  Anything can happen and usually does.  Will Keith retake the lead?  Will Lou get collected in big wreck on the backstretch?  Will Cheryl do a bump and run on both of them and retake the lead?  Will Bill snooker everyone and get the win?  Stay tuned!  One of the Greg Boys is going to visiting from MD this weekend and perhaps everyone can team up and get Keith so confused he picks a bad team.  Wait, he's never that "confused."  :-)  Thanks for playing!

And to answer Cheryl's question - HELL NO I won't get collected in a wreck! I plan on winning AGAIN!

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