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Author Topic: Busch Race from IRP  (Read 665 times)
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« on: July 31, 2009, 12:18:53 PM »

We didn't get to watch the Busch race until Wednesday night, but even though I heard some of the things that happened and the winner, it was defintely well worth watching!  If you could disgard the top three finishers, this was clearly the best Busch race of the season IMHO! 

I absolutely hate that Trevor Bayne got screwed by NA$CAR and Stephen Wallace.  He's such a nice kid and a great little driver.  What rookie wouldn't jam on the breaks to avoid passing the pace car?  Knowing the iron fist of NA$CAR.  I read that the Busch director said he could've passed him and then dropped back.  Yeah...right...  What I really had a problem with was how quick the pace car jumped out in front of Trevor and then NA$CAR made he and Wallace drop back for "not maintaining speed" when they got spun.  That was truly BS!  Still, it wouldn't have mattered, the whackers were destined to win, no matter where they start and that's just so sad.  Scott Wimmer and many drivers put on some awesome racing that night at IRP (I'll never call it ORP).  Lots of three-wide racing and a little beating and banging (until the Kyle and Carl show began up front). 

Hopefully, we'll see as good a race at Iowa Speedway tomorrow evening (the race starts at 4:30 I believe - really weird time if you ask me...).  Here's the entry list:

It's a shame that "the big track" in Indy continues to provide such a boring excuse for a race.  We listened to almost all of it on the radio driving home from Hickory on Sunday.  I've read that people claim the Indy Radio Network coverage was more exciting than ESPN.  Man!  I found it to be truly painful to listen to - little actual play-by-play - just mostly pontificating by some guy with a British accent and sponsor plugs in between a tiny bit of coverage by Doug Rice of PRN.  We got home just in time to the ending of the race.  I still say Martin was robbed by that stupid dumbass restart procedure.  It was clear anyone who got out front couldn't be passed.  Same old, same old at Indy...

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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2009, 03:35:50 PM »

I happened to see the last 10 laps or so, and the best racing was for 3rd with Matt and a couple of other guys. By that time, Carl was cruising out front. It was good to see some real racing.

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