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Author Topic: Satellite Teams  (Read 453 times)
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« on: May 18, 2009, 12:56:23 PM »

While I won't take anything away from Stewart in winning the race - he was the one behind the wheel and won the race fair and square.  I just think it's quite interesting how it's now become very clear that the Stewart-Haas teams are nothing but two more Hendrick teams.  Certainly not the "start-up" operation that was portrayed when Stewart announced he was "starting his own team" last season.  And when Rick Hendrick calls him on the phone in VL just like he does his other three drivers this year, it shows what a real sham the whole thing is - and how it's just another way for Hendrick to circumvent the 4-team rule coming into play last season with two "satellite" teams.

Of course, Stewart and Newman can run up front in Hendrick equipment, with Hendrick engines, Hendrick engineers and R&D.  I mean, do you think Scott Riggs and his teammate last year were getting anywhere near the "support" that these guys are getting from Hendrick.  Now they're even saying that they have complete access to all the Hendrick "notes" as well.  It just seems like Stewart is just the figurehead for another Hendrick operation.  Now I see all these fans and internet writers "eating crow" because they said Stewart and Newman couldn't win with an independently owned team.  I still believe they couldn't, but this is just another Hendrick operation, so of course they can run well.

What bugs me is the media and many fans are still claiming how this is an "underdog team..." which is certainly not the case.  It just seems like another situation where the media is creating a storyline, when that's definitely not the case.

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