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Author Topic: Olympics on TV  (Read 5116 times)
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« Reply #30 on: August 31, 2004, 05:48:01 AM »

Quote from: "Desmond"
Other observations:
--I think that Jim Lampley should replace Bob Costas as main Olympic host.  He has more experience at the Games than Costas and sounds more interesting.

Desmond, I like Jim Lampley, I really do, but the Olympics' Primetime coverage is Bob Costas's center stage, and if they ever took the cane, and yanked him off center stage and put him in Daytime, I would be the first one in the world to call NBC and complain. Poor Bob's talents are wasted on horse racing's Triple Crown, the U.S. Open and Ryder Cup golf tourneys these days on NBC. No World Series. No Super Bowl. No NBA Finals. Now, the three aforementioned events are all great (can't wait for the Ryder Cup-U.S.A. all the way), but even Costas has admitted to not having much knowledge when it comes to horse racing. Now, where can Bob be seen mostly? On HBO, hosting his interview show, On the Record, and the longest-running cable show of all-time, Inside the NFL. What's my problem with that? I don't have HBO. Yeah, Costas's life, and he'll do what he wants, that's fine. But, it drives me nuts seeing him reduced to doing things he doesn't have much expertise about. Joe Buck is always great at the World Series, and will be at the Super Bowl in February (Buck works for FOX, by the way), but he's no Costas. Not even close.
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