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Author Topic: Not to envenom the format but this is my beef....  (Read 719 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: August 21, 2004, 08:33:20 AM »

: How are you looking at these next few races leading up to the cutoff for the Chase for the Nextel Cup, considering that you have two drivers, Mayfield and Kahne, in contention?

This is the question asked by a web site.

This is a question asked in the same article.

 Is your preparation any different heading down to the cutoff for the Chase than it has been in prior years?

 Am I crazy or has this not been the same question asked twice yet twisted and then in a wild way been asked in a format that is non existant?
 If there has never been a "chase" than how can Ray prepare any diff.?

 If I were given the chance to interview Ray E. or any other fat cat in the garage I would ask questions that would go something like this.....
 Now that Bill is semi retired would you like to ad another driver to the stable of driver/tester to your team? It would seam a great chance for a driver to keep in touch with the job they love and reap some of the freedom that goes with it.
 Not that the rest of the article did not ask great and interesting questions but time after time it seems to me, and I dare any of you to not to at least see some portion of my point, that, there are many stupid questions being asked by people in position. By in position I mean to say live interviews, magazines, taped pieces. ect.
 Are you not tired of hearing "how did it feel to win the crack my nuts 500?"..."Have you ever felt you could win before?"...... "If you could relive the thrill of winning would you exchange it for the learning experience of losing?".....I mean the questions are not that near dumb but they seem to be a waste of time when they are the same ones over and over and over.

By asking the same one twice and with for my base no being, where is the editing?
 I'm not in the dark as far as what is out of bounds and all but when you get to interview a real live sports celeb. why must your job always be to just stand stand there and say " how did it feel to....?   Then we get the "I mean" answer.
  Unreal, I will always as a kid till now be amazed at the waste that is shown by the interview. I have seen a few great ones in my time but now it is just work to listen the girl say "It has been a long time since your last win, did you think it would feel like this"? Well did it?
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2004, 05:55:32 PM »

IMO, they always ask a lot of dumb and even stupid questions.  The drivers indicate they get tired of being asked when will you win again?  Did you know it has been 91 races since you were in VL?  What happened out there?  Duh, I spun all by myself..or -----spun me.  Just ran right into me.
I think the reporters think we don't see what happens and we may interpret it different or, heaven forbid, right and they want to make sure we get the source view?   But they are paid to do a job and they do it the way they are allowed to or they think it is the burning questions we want answers to.  Overall, I am grateful I get to watch and that at least I have hearing still so I try to look objectively at all of it - most of the time.   :wink:
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« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2004, 05:29:31 AM »

Vivian, you brought to mind a favorite Tony Stewart quote.  When asked once what his winning strategy was, he replied "Get out front and stay there."  DUH!!

It makes you wonder why they pay these people.  Aren't there really any better questions they could ask?  I mean, not that I could do any better, but it sure seems like we don't need someone pointing out the obvious or making questions that don't even make any sense.  Oy.
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