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Author Topic: At the end of it all we watch what ?  (Read 470 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: August 16, 2004, 04:57:55 AM »

I for one, sat the day through the race. I’ll admit that Watkins Glen is a stones throw from my home but my vacation was planned and spent on Pocono 2 weeks prior. Poor planning on my part played a big part in that but perhaps next year will have me at the Glen and Fellows in victory lane, circle what have you.
  Victory! What a great burden she be set upon my shoulders.
I rest in my triumph but to work the ragged lines.
 Commercialism awaits my smiling face, amidst lies I give truth, and give lies to be the truth. For it is I the victor forced to wave the place card flag, to preserve the dignity that has been the undignified. The legends of ghosts now rest in a swaying sport, that show dollars the wind beneath the wings of liberticide. From this day forward let every motion be governed. To be a winner means sacrifice and all challenges be worth the price of victory.
  Mark Martin was one of the first drivers that I recall ever having a great deal to say about the obligations of winning and how it carried on far from the moment. Dale E. said many a thing but brought to light it was part of the biz, but not like Martin. Martin has never been a champion and perhaps never will and was robbed of the one chance Via NASCAR’s wrath.
  NASCAR stretched deep and wide with this roof deal and I for one can only wonder what the radio ignorance would have meant. There are so many things on top of the cars, heads, and shoulders of the winners of today, that perhaps we are on the brink of script.
  The winner of Michigan better have a plan as victory lane will be the biggest “stage” that has been set in quite some time. Heavy will be the head that wears the crown this week for the options have run out. On the other hand in my opinion it seems that if NASCAR has gotten as big as NASCAR and all the china doll shops claim it has, then how did the need for roof top billboards come about? Off the top of any fans’ head the list of reasons would be …..greed. I’ll save the real facts for a writing that warrants it, but to give you a clue there are a great numbers of “lawyers” and such that fill the real meetings. Mike Helton and company have little to say about all the pennies that are pulled from the sky at the fans and drivers expense. Liberticide is the best and perhaps the only way to describe what curtain the winner of a NEXTEL CUP race will be unveiled from as he, or perhaps she, climbs from the cockpit from which ones life itself, was exposed to termination in the grand scheme of things. But never will the risk of life be felt to sell a bottle of pop.
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