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Author Topic: watch the little big things  (Read 624 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: August 11, 2004, 12:31:23 PM »

This week brings us to one of two, so called odd balls on the schedule. But take into account the true history of Watkins Glen and you will see that this old gal was spawned from the streets themselves of the town whose namesake it carries. Most important this week is the race for the place that is the top ten. Watkins Glen has a way to make some otherwise stout teams crumble. On the other hand the genuine drivers are given a chance to shine in what may be for the most part a nonexistent season. Guys like Kyle Petty love the place and could come from out the clouds to maybe win, well it could not happen to a more deserving guy if that came true but we’ll see.
  What to look for this weekend is the running order. Ryan Newman and Kevin Harvick in particular are names you should have etched in your minds eye as the race unwinds. These two chaps are the closest to falling off the earth and into the void of also rans as the bottom 2/3rds or better not too far in the future will be yesterdays news. But back to the guys who will be battling. It would have been nice to see Martin finish the day at Indy, this race would take on a whole new meaning. Big hill Mark, take the racings equivalent of Viagra for this run. Good Luck. Dale Jarret will need a strong showing coupled with the misfortune of a couple fellow competitors. Rays’ red rockets will the main focal point for me and I can’t wait for my favorite stupid statistic. “What if the season ended now!” How useless is convoluted logic in racing. What should be mentioned is what is going to happen if a guy is locked into the top ten then gets hurt. Is he guaranteed tenth place standings as well as prize money. Should there be a stipulation that has the 11th place a chance to be “placed”? I don’t know, but for me the focus of the race will be where the fenders are on the five guys battling for birth or death. Not who is where if a big rock fell out of the sky and ended all that is reality. Please Benny don’t tell us about how Harvick would be out if the race and season should croak at that very moment. Instead attention should have been placed on all the cars Harvick passed after the last 4 tire stop at the Brick and went on a bacon saving rampage. Check your tape as to how many three then four point cars he plucked off. Mr. Happy could have seen himself right on the rim but as it stands Newmans’ problems slip him closer to the grip of oust.
  This week look for tempers and luck to be the biggest players as we go Road Racin’!
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