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Author Topic: In retrospect (or go dario, go)  (Read 420 times)
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« on: November 21, 2007, 06:51:38 AM »

well, another season of nascar racing has passed us by, and bored the crap out of most of the nation. alot has been hyped, typed and griped about the start, middle, and race to the chase. has nascar made good on the product they promised? it depends on which side of the advertising table you sit on. budweiser got more mileage out of the "free the 8" campaign than with the lizards. tv ratings sagged like a wet hammock. the media train derailed somewhere between california and richmond. and all those empty seats reminded me of the old cleveland municipal stadium days when the indians were lucky to get 2,000 fans in an 80,000 seat stadium.

for the longest time, i have never gotten they hype part of racing. it is what it is. guys going fast in circles. the luckiest driver wins. sponsors don't drive the car. tv crews and production trucks don't have a thing to do with the outcome (of course abc might have something to say about this point)

we as fans (old school fans, not the johnny come lately, those jackets look really cool, fans) have come to expect a certain product from nascar. this year the "new" nascar did not sit well with me. kind of like the "old coke", "new coke" debate years ago. those that bought the new product loved it, but the tried and true fans spoke and the gurus in the front office took notice. unfortunately with nascar, too many old school fans have found something more important to do than make their fellings known to nascar and the networks that provide us countless hours of boredom.

the drivers that have taken the time to speak out against the "family", have been sent back to the reality of "if you don't like it here, go ahead and leave, someone else is waiting to take your place". the owners have never publicly questioned the rationale of the top brass. but i think that will all change with these multi-billion dollar conglomerates coming on board. these companies and individuals didn't make all that money by making bad decisions. the mark of a sucessful race team will no longer be gagued by championships, but by the bottom line and return on investment. the car of tomorrow has already led to the layoff of hundreds of employees in these taj mahal garages. there is no longer a need for a garage with 18 cars, you will need 7-10 cars to run the entire season now.

the 2008 sprint cup season will bring it's own hype. a new series name, big names changing teams and some guy named dario driving.
the only thing i look foward to is larry mac trying pronounce all those foreign names



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« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2007, 05:58:41 PM »

Ken, thank you! Smiley

I didn't think of mass layoffs as a consequence of the COT.  But then again, that's business in America these days.  Try to make more money with fewer people, or at least by not paying them that much.

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