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Author Topic: John Daly's take on the Chicago coverage and TNT overall  (Read 467 times)
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« on: July 17, 2007, 06:42:08 AM »

After reading Daly's latest article, I must say that I took it like I take most of his articles: with mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong; John Daly certainly always has many good points, but I can't say I support his opinions wholeheartedly. For instance, at the beginning of the article, Daly claims that viewers "enjoyed" the Fox coverage earlier in the season. I know I certainly didn't, and I know the majority of the folks on this board didn't either, and looking back on Daly's blog, I found many of his reviews of Fox broadcasts to be largely negative.

Daly also has a problem with the way the TNT long-timers, Weber, Dallenbach, Snider, and Yocum interact with each other. Personally, I usually don't mind when these guys screw around with each other; at least it's better than the stale, seemingly scripted interaction of some of the Fox personalities. I agree at times the TNT interaction *might* be a little unprofessional, but at least they're interacting well with each other whether or not certain viewers understand their sarcasm and jabs or not. Not just in this article but many times in Daly's writing does he seem to imply certain emotions of the broadcast (e.x., "You could just tell he was getting annoyed with that other guy") that may or may not be real. I'm willing to bet these emotions are rarely actually the case.

I do agree with his assessment of the new talent this year for TNT. IMO, all of the new talent has fit in quite well to replace the talent that went to ESPN, and, of course, BP. Kyle Petty has done a nice job in the booth, and Ralph Sheheen and Lindsay Czarniak have done good work on pit road. I wasn't sure how Larry McReynolds would do on TNT, but he seems to play a valuable role, and he seems much better away from Fox, as I've said before.

As for the returning talent, Snider and Yocum still do an excellent job on pit road, and I think Wally Dallenbach provides a lot of useful information. That said, it doesn't seem like Wally has shined as much as he has before, especially when he did an excellent job alone in the booth with Weber for a few races last year. Maybe it just seems that way; I'd have to take a look back at this year's broadcasts to know for sure. As for Weber, I'm mostly impartial to him. Sure, I'd much prefer someone like Bestwick or Joy in the booth, but I don't think Weber is as horrible as he's often made out to be. (except of course when he tries to create drama by rehashing tragedies or creating an issue out of nothing)
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« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2007, 01:11:16 PM »


I agree with you about Daly's comments about "all" the fans enjoying Fox.  I don't like that he sums us all up that way.  When I write reviews, I try to always make clear that is my opinion alone.

Also, agree with you completely that I don't believe the "strife" in the booth is real.  This has always been the way NBC and TNT "played around" with each other. 

As to Wally, I think having the new dynamic of Kyle changed his role a bit.  I like Kyle as a person and he did a pretty good job, but I felt he talked a bit too much.  I think that prevented Wally's normal dry wit to shine through as it has in the past.

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« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2007, 04:18:14 PM »

I also did not "enjoy" the Fox coverage this year, either.  In past years, maybe.  But now the Fox telecasts have degenerated into circuses that cater to the lowest common denominator of fans.  In fact, at times I wonder if they are even talking to race fans at all. Angry

Anyway, back to the TNT coverage, the booth was solid.  Even Bill Weber seemed to be less exploitative this year.  (Then again, a Hendrick driver won only the first race in the package, and only when it rained.  That may have saved him. Wink)  Wally Dallenbach improved this year, and Kyle Petty is an emerging star.  He's no Benny Parsons, of course, but he doesn't need to be.

As for the pits, at least decent work from all of them, with Matt Yocum and Ralph Sheheen slightly above the rest.

But the announcing work was overshadowed, like it was on Fox, by curious program decisions, ranging from the "lazy Susan" set to the overemphasis on pre-race programming (90 minutes, every week?) over post-race coverage.  Remember the early start of the vampire movie after Michigan or the lack of a final finishing order, of any kind, at Sonoma?  To its credit, it did expand the post-race show for the last two races, but those were seen only online at

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« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2007, 08:56:28 PM »

Desmond wrote:

In fact, at times I wonder if they are even talking to race fans at all.

How very true.  I feel that way also.  I always felt the fox crews just had a different self promoting agenda and threw the racing analysis in because they had to.  Sometimes they did come across with some good info and insight.

As far as tnt, I like the pit reporters and Wally.  Still not sure about Kyle.  Sometimes good but sometimes I felt he was not really objective and totally tuned in to the broadcast.

Daly does have some good articles on some of the shows, but sometimes he lumps too many of us into his 'group'.
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