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Author Topic: Mt trip  (Read 644 times)
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« on: July 20, 2004, 05:58:17 PM »

was nice and very tiring.  600 miles round trip.  Traffic was terrible and so many stupid drivers doing crazy things from passing on curves and even 2 motorcyclists just going through 2 lanes of traffic on I5 on the dividing line.  The two lane portion, half the miles of the trip, there were slow drivers and then impatient drivers and then the brake riders going down the hills.  Oh, I go over three big passes, (Siskiyou Summit, Anderson Grade Summit and Dead Horse Summit) and it seemed like the last which is on the two lane portion was especially full of big rigs and log trucks so it was slow and tedious.  There are also 2 small passes I go over and they were just as slow with the big trucks.  And people were passing these trucks and taking very deadly chances but thankfully, no one crashed.  The reason I mention these passes is because at the bottom of Dead Horse is where I took the picture of Mt. Shasta that I use as an avatar and when I went down the pass coming home yesterday, my view of Shasta was so sad.  There is hardly any snow pack left and the glaciers looked as if they have receded quite a bit so I guess global warming is having a major effect on our big mountains.  Even Mt. Lassen was pretty bare and they both looked like they normally look in Sept & Oct rather than July.  Very sad.  However, the trees were great as usual.
All in all a good trip and my Granddaughter had a good 5th anniversary.
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