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Author Topic: Things that make you HMMM?  (Read 12233 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: July 18, 2004, 04:15:54 AM »

I for one refuse to dandle my interest in cup racing when it comes to the things that count. For me the right and privilege to be a crew chief in this fine sport is far more a thin ice occupation than being a driver as far as longevity is concerned. Take a car to victory lane and you may end up on the table of contents of some average fans book of knowledge. Take a team to victory lane but stay away for a good spell, and you may end up on the napkin. A lot can be said for the likes of Bobby Labonte and quite the same if not more for Ricky Rudd. If you were able to cast your nights back to the time when the rumor of the “BIG SWAP”  was about to take place you would have thought at the time there was no way that Rudd was leaving Yates and that Salder would the replacement. In my opinion the departure of Rudd from Yates was a bit of a weird affair. Leading at Pocono and losing a wheel was by far the wildest of endings in any Driver/Crewchief/Team that there ever was. Here we had Rudd on the heals of the fat cat and all hell broke lose. What went wrong? In the end we had Sadler calling the Wood brothers for the most part a small time operation. As far as race fans go we can give a long list of drivers that gave their credit to the Wood brothers for the launching pad. But now we have fat back out in the cold.
  When the whole ordeal began with Rudd leaving Yates and fat back going to Gibbs and Sadler going to Yates to have Rudd replace him at the Wood brothers it seemed a circus. Every card fell into place in an orderly fashion, but that is NASCAR'S unspoken truth. I for one thought that fat back Mcswain would follow Rudd were ever he went. But that was not the case. What was the case was this. Rudd was pushed against the fence of declaring himself still fit to drive and not ready to retire. Fat Back proclaimed that his relationship with his driver was solid. (For a short time there was denial of anything ending). Sadler shot his mouth off as if he was a great driver in need of a spaceship. Well that’s what he needs alright.
  After all that has passed we all have to wonder why Mcswain was let go. Was it the fabled squabble? Was it the same type of things that saw him get the Yates door prize? Was it  that Mcswain wants the title and he was in the way of Tony Stewart getting it? (Had to say that ) Could it be that there is a reason we will, as fans will never know? Yea that’s it.
 In a world of NASCAR where you get the same stale cracker answers to all questions (we think the crew is ready to give us the car to get to the front   ….blahhh  blahhh  blahhhh ) we will never know the real truth.
  But as food for thought it seems weird that Bobby Labonte was the driver who was the sleeper if I’ve ever saw one, who was cut short of his chase like Ricky Rudd was. Then again was it Mcswain or crew mistakes or what the heck was it that blew the Rudd deal? Now we have what I thought was a solid thing going to pot. What’s this thing about the episode with a crew member?
 I even read the thing with Craven being out. Mcswain will land on his feet I hope it’s with a top ten……then again if so there’s the whole thing over again.
  Things that make you go Jonny Benson will not get hired because he is too much of a clean driver. Look at who is on top of the Coke machines and it will make sense. Love Jonny Benson but NASCAR is the monster. (wolf)
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