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Author Topic: Rules for using this forum.  (Read 5808 times)
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« on: February 08, 2004, 08:33:38 PM »

Thanks for stopping by this message board for!  We hope you enjoy it and make it part of your racing experience.  The purpose of this forum is to give race fans an opportunity to express their views about NASCAR (and other stock car racing series) TV coverage.  We invite you to “rate” each broadcast on Fox, ESPN, ABC, TNT or the SPEED Channel.  While this is the primary purpose of this forum, you may also start discussion threads on general topics concerning NASCAR, (i.e., your views on the Chase for the Championship, etc.).  Discussions about individual drivers are not appropriate for this forum. There are many other message boards out there where you can go to discuss your driver preferences.

There aren't many rules for the forum, but we believe a few are important.

1) This is a moderated forum.

2) You DO NOT have to register with the message board to view and read posts on the forum.

3) You DO have to register with this message board in order to post a new message or respond to an existing one.

4) Your must provide a valid email address to register for the forum.

5) Excessive foul language will NOT be tolerated. An occasional 'hell' or 'damn' or ‘BS’ is probably acceptable. Offensive usernames will not be allowed.

6) We reserve the right to ban you from this message board for inappropriate behavior as we see fit. Inappropriate postings or behavior will solely be determined by the moderators and administrators at  

    a)  Inappropriate behavior that will not be tolerated includes “bashing" of TV personalities, networks, drivers, fans, or other message board posters. We all have opinions about TV coverage and TV personalities and most often they will not agree with the next person. If you feel you cannot discuss your opinions without personal attacks, then you should look elsewhere to discuss them.  It is acceptable to criticize the behavior of a TV personality or network - i.e., John Doe’s comment was ‘stupid’,” but it is not acceptable to say “John Doe is stupid.”  This is a fine line; however, everyone associated with a TV broadcast is a professional; therefore, they deserve a certain amount of personal respect.  In addition, all the drivers risking their lives to provide us entertainment deserve respect for what they are doing.  This is why we ask that you refrain from bashing drivers you don't like or excessive boasting when a driver you do like does well.  

    b)  The General Chit-Chat Area is for non-racing related socializing and discussions.  Acceptable topics that have been posted are vacation plans, discussing other things you watch on TV, sharing pictures, discussing radio race coverage, etc.  Starting discussions about potentially sensitive issues like right to die, abortion, death penalty, etc. are NOT acceptable for this forum.  As with driver preferences, there are entire forums elsewhere devoted to these topics.  Our goal is to keep this area as lighthearted as possible and fun for all members.   Moral/ethical/political topics such as these are just too emotionally charged and have the potential to cause very hard feelings between members.  We want to avoid these types of situations and ask that all members refrain from opening or perpetuating these types of topics here.

7) Use of this board for commercial purposes or promotions or posting of 'spam' will not be allowed.

Cool reserves the right to modify these rules as necessary.

That's all!  We just want you to contribute to the betterment of TV race coverage by voicing your opinion, as a fan, to the TV networks.  Various people associated with TV coverage read and the creators of this forum want to give ALL the fans an opportunity to let the TV personnel know how you feel about their coverage.  But please try to temper your criticisms by also telling the networks what you like about their coverage as well.  If all the comments here are negative, the network folks will soon lose interest in reading this forum and it will lose its value.

Thanks, Management
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