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Author Topic: How Refreshing!  (Read 367 times)
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« on: April 30, 2007, 01:13:38 PM »

As I said in another post, we listened to the entire race on MRN yesterday driving back from the USAR race in NC.  We actually got home in time to go in and watch the last few laps on TV and I chose to stay in the truck and "enjoy" it on the radio instead.  After having listened to half the race on MRN and then switching to Fox when we got home, I just had a feeling that I'd "see" a totally different race.  And I just didn't want to spoil my enjoyment of this one.  Barney Hall, Joe Moore and the turn reporters of MRN just do such a good job of reporting on ALL of the field, without the hype or selective coverage like TV does.  They have no personal agendas or need to draw attentions to themselves or cover their friends or relatives.  They always do a full field rundown every so often and that's great. 

I did watch part of Victory Lane to see some highlights.  Those guys said something about how DW talked about David Reutimann.  What a surprise!  I know he had cycled up to the top five, but you just knew those guys weren't gonna hang on when the fast cars from Harvick back decided to make their run.  But I'm sure TV was all ga-ga about it, especially when the VL folks kept going on about how several in that lead group might become a first-time winner.  Even a fan knows that the veterans were simply cruising and would move back to the front when it counted - and they did.

Funniest thing that the MRN guys said was when the pack was just riding single-file for so long. They called it "the eye of a hurricane" meaning the calm time before everything went crazy.  While it was odd the drivers just rode for so long, you just knew it would heat up and it did at the end.  What bugged me about VL was they never actually showed how Gordon got the lead before the caution when Reutimann blew up.  I found that very disappointing!  If there wasn't coverage of this, what was TV showing?

It was great to see Sterling Marlin with such a strong car and I think he was just testing the waters at the beginning of the race, then biding his time until the end.  Unfortunately, he got some damage in one of those wrecks and then when it sounded like he tried to move out of line and start a run to the front late in the race, no one was going with him or hung him out to dry.  I'd loved to have seen he and Gordon going head to head for the win!  Still Gordon had a great car and has been the master at these tracks for the last few years, so you never know.  Too bad that one car blowing up and then guys getting out of control ruined a green-flag finish.  But Congratulations to Gordon on winning #77!

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« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2007, 03:42:04 PM »

 1--I agre with your Radio vs TV thoughts entirely;
 2--I detest Plate "races";
 3-- in fairness, during the brief period of the race I watched, DW did compliment Matt K for getting to the front;
  4-- I'm glad that Gordon got that monkey off his back, (tho it was a bit ironic that he did it yesterday at Talledega);
  5--The 24 sure is looking like a champ calibre team;
  6 Who cares what I think anyhow?? Grin Grin

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