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Author Topic: Speeds Qual coverage  (Read 525 times)
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« on: April 20, 2007, 02:46:28 AM »

started watching qualifying the last 40 mins or so.. wanted to see the qualifying order to see if i missed a certain toyota team had qualified yet... nope not yet.. but as i was following the live timing and scoring...the order that was shown on speed's coverage was not even close to what the actual order was.... also , qualifying was over 30 mins before the last car took the checkered flag on the speed coverage... talk about entertainment!!!!!!!!!

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When I first found a local MRN station 3-4 years ago, I realized that Fox was recording qualifying and delaying it a few minutes (obviously to fit in more commercials).  Kind of a "time-shifting" that you can do with a Tivo - except we do that to "get behind" on commercials, so we can fast-forward through them. 

Anyway, I discovered this because I was driving home and heard who had gotten the poll that week.  Got home and turned on the TV and that driver hadn't even made his run yet.  I think they do it so they can run their commercials while the drivers they don't think are popular are making their runs.  Still stinks IMHO.  It's like I always say, if TV doesn't show it to us, it must not have happened.   Angry

We tuned into the last part of quals last night.  Saw Gordon put down a pretty stout lap, was waiting to see MW not make it and we both fell asleep.  Next thing we knew, the Tivo had changed the channel to record a show at 10 and that woke us up, so we stumbled off to bed.   Embarrassed  Guess I'll check Jayski now to see if Michael has kept his streak going. 

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