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Author Topic: Wind Tunnel  (Read 891 times)
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« on: March 07, 2007, 02:56:09 AM »

Did anyone watch Wind Tunnel Sunday night?  I taped it and watched it for the 2nd time this morning and took some notes.  A very good program this time, I thought.  Wish all of you had seen it.

Dave had Robin Miller and Ed Hinton on together for the second time.  Keep in mind as you read the following that I took notes and these are not exact quotes but excerpts of my notes.  I will be watching the tape again and may need to edit the following or add more.

Ed was a bit upset because the word "hate" had been used in reference to his and Robin's attitude when describing the last show.  He said hate is a very volatile word. Went on to say that their credibility is core and they must tell it like it is. Robin tells it like it is and has lost his job at the champ car website due to that. Both, mostly Ed, referred to the many paid shills (spell?) who have to tow the company line.  There are more and more paid mouthpieces and media electronics with several networks.  There are financial interests co-mingled with the racing series and one wonders how they can have total objectivity and total fair commentating under those circumstances.  And these people are there to call the race and cheer someone on.  Ed says people like he and Robin are going to be extinct and truth tellers are just going to be dinosaurs in the future.  Fans are not gonna be able to tell whether they are getting the truth or not but it needs to be out there.  Said Mexico City's race coverage was all about Montoya which was bad for others in the race because most were not mentioned, but the paid shills touted Montoya because he is the new poster boy and Nascar wants him covered. So early in the race there were few yellows for spins, but when he got behind they had all kind of yellows for him.  They called it a yellow fest. 

Of course callers were giving their opinion on that race and and Robin said there will be a new show coming out to teach fans how to watch and it would be hosted by Ed, Robin and Dave. And of course, Ed said he has seen Nascar park drivers for less than Montoya's move.  Ed went on to say that Toyota would dominate only if Childress, Hendrick and owners like them swap, but with Waltrip and Davis plus this Red Bull start up team, they would not.  Nascar popped Toyota pretty bad in Daytona with penalties and fines.  I think it was Robin who said that people who think it was cool to see DW drive a toyota though a front yard would accept them so Toyota was smart there.  And Robin said Toyota and Honda tried to outcheat each other for years in IRL and Cart (open wheel) but blaming the cheating at Daytona on a mechanic, come on get real.

I totally enjoyed this show and feel much more respect for both of them.  Wish there would be a re-run for all of you.
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2007, 04:12:30 AM »

Vivian, I did watch the show, and wish I had taped it as you did to watch again.  Robin Miller and Ed Hinton are probably 2 of the few who really do tell it like it is.

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« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2007, 04:40:38 AM »

I respect Dave Despain and Ed Hinton but Robin Miller has found his niche as a "Shock" journalist and with some of the BS he comes up with I feel bad even using the word journalist to describe him. I don't think it's totally outside the realm of possibility that NASCAR threw yellow flags to help Montoya on Sunday as they ha ve been pretty shifty with their yellow flag calls in recent years. However in years past Miller has gone as far to say that NASCAR has blatantly fixed race winners by secretely giving teams an unfair advantage. Poor old Robin will say anything for shock value. 
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« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2007, 04:44:51 AM »

Vivian, thanks for the notes.  I forgot all about the show (busy being Granddaddy).  I hope the show is replayed sometime later.  I really respect Robin and Ed's take on racing.  I don't doubt they are a vanishing breed as corporate America continues to buy more and more of our media.  The six o'clock news is even biased by sponsorship dollars as are our newspapers and even the internet.

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« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2007, 01:27:10 PM »

Thanks for telling us about the show, Vivian!  That was great!

I have never cared for Robin Miller much, but sounds like he has finally figured out NA$CAR's operating rules.

However in years past Miller has gone as far to say that NASCAR has blatantly fixed race winners by secretely giving teams an unfair advantage.

I believe how possible (and probable) this actually is.  I've heard that they've given certain folks bigger restrictor plates at Daytona and stuff like that.  Based on how they have been blatantly manipulating the competition with cautions lately, I tend to believe they've done whatever they could to help certain cars win as well.  It's well documented that they helped out Junior Johnson's team (with Spencer driving) at Dega and Daytona in 94 so that they would not lose their sponsor, McDonalds.

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« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2007, 05:37:06 PM »

I did not watch the show, but I have watched Robin Miller and I appreciate his bluntness and humor.  I have read some stuff by Ed Hinton, but I don't have that strong an opinion of him.

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« Reply #6 on: March 07, 2007, 10:16:35 PM »

A couple of extra notes since I did watch it again. 

It was the promo of the show that referred to Ed and Robin as hate mongers which upset Ed and he wanted to clarify that.

It was a fan's email that mentioned the paid mouth pieces who have to tow the line.

Ed mentioned that newspapers can exercise independence since they have journalists, which he is, and are not tied to motor racing except in certain things.  Then Dave brought up the fact that none of the announcers profess to be journalists but just analysts. 

As an aside, it was mentioned by Ed that back in 1996, Robin predicted that the IRL would ruin the Indy 500, and now 11 years later, he challenges anyone to prove that wrong.

I do disagree with both of them at times and have not been a particular fan of either, but I really did appreciate their bluntness and being able to watch this show.
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