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Author Topic: Volatile has a bad rep  (Read 847 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: July 02, 2004, 03:50:53 AM »

This in age has the volatile...(not volitile sally) is misused perhaps more than any other word in the diction...Volatile val. That is why you love to dance in the semi tropical rain. Myself on the other hand rather enjoy a temerate rain, it keeps the fishermen who are light at heart at home and me and my wild buch of goons have the stream to ourselves. They may be only 9 and 10 years old but I have raised them quite well I think. (no brag) Even though I did it alone. But just as I like the cold showers of the fall season I so much also love it when Tony the Tiger gives all something to laugh about. I think he is most frustrated about the contractual obligations that have become his life. Couple that with not blowing the competition away and the kid is a powder keg. In my own twisted way I would like to think that his stunt at the Indy 500 was a way to cause a disturbance in his contract, if he were to get in the car and make a qulifying run. I'm sorry that this should have went under the race topic ands not TV topic but i'm sure that my not using proper paragraphing is more of a concern.
  So i'll say something about the TV side. I love to listen to verbal confusion and false sense of urgency that is displayed from the word get go. NASCAR has quitly asked from behind the scenes that drivers do not drop to the back and ride around only to drive back up through to try and win at the end. This would further strengthen my point of the false sense of urgency. In truth I would have to say that I would rather just watch and listen to the roar of the engines and DW and his out of tune yoddling miscues and bumblings. Mumblings...whatever. But there you have it, oh it's rained out did nobody notice. I hate a parade rainer also, so I go.[/i]
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