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Author Topic: The WHOLE Truth  (Read 442 times)
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« on: December 15, 2006, 11:49:52 PM »

I see they finally have the whole story about the BF incident and the palm tree.

France admits he was drinking night of accident: NASCAR CEO Brian France admitted to officers he had been drinking the night a woman followed him to his condominium after she observed him driving erratically on U.S. 1. But because police never interviewed France until he was inside his residence, they could not arrest him for DUI, an internal affairs investigation released Thursday shows. Regardless, Police Chief Mike Chitwood said that once his officers knew who was involved in the incident, they went the extra mile to make sure they followed the law and gave France no special treatment. The investigation also shows that when a sergeant who was called to the scene learned the driver of the car was France, he in turn called a lieutenant. The sergeant then relayed to one of the officers: "We're just here to do our job, OK, we do what we always do under these circumstances." The chief said officers were somewhat rattled when they learned the incident involved France. France crashed his Lexus sedan into a tree just outside his condominium on Marina Point Drive around 9 p.m., a police report states. When several officers responded to the scene at 9:51 p.m., the man had already gone upstairs to his apartment, Chitwood said. Roughly 20 minutes later, the officers knocked on France's door. France came downstairs with them, dressed in fresh clothes. ''I think that when everyone found out this was Brian France, they knew they had better dot their I's and cross their T's," Chitwood said Thursday. Nonetheless, a police report prepared on the call witness Shirley Hill made to 911 as she followed France south on U.S.1, east on Orange Avenue then onto Beach Street on Nov. 6, does not mention that France had admitted to having "a few (alcoholic beverages) over at the Chart House" earlier that night. That detail was not included in the paperwork, Chitwood said, because the officer was investigating a crash, not a DUI. ''That information of course came out in detail in the internal affairs investigation," the chief said. "I believe everything Ms. Hill told us and you can draw your own conclusions from that. The bottom line is, he (France) was out of his car, he was inside his apartment and he could have had the alcohol there and hours before. But since we didn't stop him in his car, we can't touch him." The matter , however, led to two policy changes within the Daytona Beach Police Department: Whenever there is a DUI incident, the highest-ranking supervisor on the shift will be called to the scene and take control of the investigation; and no officer will report off-duty until all of his or her reports are complete.(more at the Daytona Beach News Journal)(12-15-2006)

Good thing there wasn't a golf cart handy!

« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2006, 10:12:48 PM »

Whole truth?  We will never know.  And I still think it was because of who he is that he didn't get into trouble.  JMO
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