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Author Topic: Racing reality shows  (Read 1751 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 11, 2004, 02:27:46 AM »

Garsh, Sally, and to think I waste all that time trying to figure out what to think and if I just let nature take it's course my experience will lead me to the right frame of mind.   :wink:

Seriously now - oops I forgot what to say.  Oh, probably everyone is at home watching that old Hooters race and I am sitting here trying to figure out the meaning of it all.  I am all confused.

Hey, I'm gonna have a very optimistic evening which will turn into a pessimistic one as soon as I see the crap Barney got into and created today while I was working my fingers to the bones trying to make enough money to feed the little twerp.

P.S.  Hope you know that I am BASA right now!!! :roll:
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