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Author Topic: Possible Changes to Car Models Used in Busch  (Read 369 times)
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« on: March 20, 2006, 04:12:32 PM »

This is from an article by Bob Margolis at Yahoo Sports.  Sounds suspiciously like what Rusty Wallace suggested last fall and Matt McLaughlin suggested more recently:


Undoubtedly the hottest topic in the Busch garage this year has been the proliferation of full-time Cup drivers a.k.a. "Buschwhackers" on the grid every week.

The number of Cup drivers varies from week to week. This week there were 20.

There are reasons aplenty as to why this has happened, but regardless of the reason, it has become a serious issue for the Busch regulars.

According to a manufacturer source, NASCAR officials have floated one solution to the apparent problem to the series' manufacturers. It involves changing the cars that race in the series from the current models being run in the Nextel Cup Series to smaller, sportier ones.

The current Busch Series cars are slightly smaller versions of their Nextel Cup cousins. In the past, the Busch Series used makes of cars not used in the Cup series, as well as V-6 engines instead of Cup V-8s, but now the cars used in the two series are more alike.

If the two series ran cars that differed more from each other, it would greatly limit what Cup drivers and teams could learn in the Busch Series and apply to the next day's Cup race, thus making racing Busch a less attractive proposition.

A change back to smaller cars could have Chevrolet fielding the new retro Camaro (scheduled for 2009) and Dodge running its new Challenger (scheduled for 2008). Pontiac could return to NASCAR to run its new, smaller GTO, Ford would field its highly-successful redesigned retro Mustang, and Toyota could run a Celica or its future replacement.

Initial reaction among the manufacturers has been very positive.

Any changes would be instituted well after the new Car of Tomorrow is fully integrated into the Nextel Cup Series, which currently is scheduled to happen in 2009."

Entire article (which includes several other topics) can be found at:

I'm for anything that will discourage the Buschwhackers!

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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2006, 05:49:48 PM »

It would be even better if the new Busch car models were close to the passenger cars available in showrooms.

Also, some of these models were planned for a proposed racing league called TRAC that was scheduled to start in 2004.  Drivers would have earned points for teams during races to be televised on ESPN.  But sponsors never came on board and TRAC was cancelled.

In any event, Busch Series races would be more interesting under the proposal.

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