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Author Topic: A Better Idea in trouble?  (Read 427 times)
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« on: February 16, 2006, 06:53:10 PM »

Thought this was interesting.

NASCAR's new tire-leasing rules could be doomed for early failure, judging from teams' reactions. Car owners aren't happy at getting only a 25 percent billing credit on any unused $400-plus tires, so some are scuffing every set they have, leaving Goodyear with only used tires at the end of a weekend.

The tire-leasing rules were designed to limit testing, but Robert Yates' team said it has enough tires stockpiled for at least 20 tests this season.

Doug Duchardt, a top manager at Hendrick Motorsports, said that the rules limiting testing could backfire, by pushing the tour's top teams into ever-more expensive computer analysis.

"The theory is you can save costs by not going to the tracks," Duchardt said. "But what happens is you develop technology to figure out how to go fast with computer simulation. And the people with the most human and capital resources are going to succeed. So you won't limit the costs, you'll just use different tools."

Doesn't sound as if this will work the way they wanted it to.  Why not just have cars come to the track a day early to do any testing they want to do then?  Oh.  Too easy.

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