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Author Topic: Buddy Wayne gets SHAFTED!  (Read 505 times)
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« on: October 06, 2005, 04:07:26 AM »

I don't know how many of you have read my site lately, but there was big news I posted about the time of Hurricane Katrina, on Aug. 31.

I wrote a story in which Buddy Wayne Barefoot lost 190 points (the number of points you get for a race win) and lost a record $500,000 for mouthing off about NASCAR one too many times, and for basing some evil characters in a movie he starred in and wrote the script for on president Mike Helton and some drivers.  The penalty was timed just two races before the start of the Chase for the Nextel Cup, and in fact, the penalty applies to the Chase, unlike previous sanctions against participating drivers.

Do I feel bad about ending his "title reign," which is what this amounts to?  Yes, but this is a realistic depiction based on what is going on right now.  There is no room for people like him in NASCAR, in which hard-scrabble middle-class "rednecks" are being replaced by well-groomed drivers who seem to have been picked by Hollywood casting directors; where the races have turned into events held amidst the backdrops of luxury boxes populated by ignorant "fans"; and covered by people who have no clue.  Oh, and the leaders want it that way.

I would like to ask you whether you agree with me on the penalty, specifically whether or not you think this would have actually happened or whether I went too far with this.

Buddy Wayne Barefoot, unhappy with Baby Brian's handiwork, finds his true passion.Smiley
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