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Author Topic: What the heck is a "racers edge" ?  (Read 360 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: September 19, 2005, 08:14:20 PM »

From somewhere within the black hole of the human animals imagination comes joy, joy in thinking to ones self, joy of finding humor in suffering, glee, pain and happiness. Joy watching your favorite horse throw a shoe and stumble to its own demise. Joy of giving a child a toy never seen by the eyes who soon treasure it with all the heart given by the forces of all creation.
  Then there is self gratification, self gratification that would rival that of the wolverine killing only for pleasure. Self gratification that would prove in ones pre sleep the true worth of the actions, whether it be that of pride or guilt.
 No matter the impulse or planning of an action, it rests in the mind of the host to which grand final destination is to be forever the home. Excepting responsibility or living in denial is a famous crossroads, having been ventured to by most every individual who is blessed with the survival length to reach the pass, there are many signatures on the newly painted and yet rotting signposts. With no directional points it is all but a final path to the make up of ones character.
  Or not, what the hey a stock swindler is on Dave Letterman one night looking like kid who got caught with a hand in a cookie jar, not to mention TNT shows reruns of shows that use all kinds of adult language, daytime as well as night. So face it, we are all just human I guess and all the way from the time that great vessels sailed the worlds’ seas by a combination of slaves and gallantry the world destined to be one of great stages all set to the tune of the times.
 Not often is a man of great character given his due but rather the run is for the bus that takes you to your own joy. If it’s impulse or planning only the mind of the host can say for sure. It is said you must be in control of your emotions at all times but forget it pal, this life and there are lots of sharp sticks laying around and plenty of the planets prime inhabitants around to stick you with one. It the great ones that pick one up and keep it only as a defense, that is if they are able to keep control of that thing called emotion. Emotion is not left to the human animal alone. I would have to say that even a bird that is cooling off is filled with joy, even after being chased off by a bird who wishes to stick it one. But when a bird waits and gets joy from the other birds anguish then that bird is……..birds? TNT knew what it was doing, Robby knew, Kasey knew, Michael knew, Kyle knew, Everybody knew. It’s the ones who care as sleep sends you to the new day that are the ones that count. When I went to bed I only thought of how I placed professional sports in its proper cubby and how I freed myself of all its pain (unless I bet on it, I’m only human)
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