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Author Topic: Well, DUH!  (Read 509 times)
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« on: September 11, 2005, 07:47:03 PM »

So NOW it occurs to Baby Brian that one owner with 5 teams just MIGHT inhibit new owners from coming into Nascar?  After they decide to lock in the top 35 for qualifying?  After one owner has 1/2 the cars in the crapshoot?

Isn't it amazing that many fans (like everyone here) knew this wasn't a good thing, and he just now figures it out?  Could it be that fans know more about racing than he does?

And they wonder why we get so frustrated and angry with the hucksters in Daytona?  OY!

« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2005, 11:21:18 PM »

I don't look for any changes.  There will continue to be a Roush monopoly in ownership of teams and I really don't think Nascar can control stuff like that.  They have let current owners get away with it for too many years and they won't risk the ire of any of them, IMO...
drpep (brian)
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« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2005, 01:22:54 AM »

From what I heard on the radio today, if this happens, current owners would not be affected.

I tuned in to watch a Nationwide race and all I got was Danica.
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