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Author Topic: about the shows buffy the vampire slayer and angel.  (Read 687 times)
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Bryan Blanton
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« on: August 11, 2005, 08:40:15 PM »

Has anyone else who posted here seen the 2 shows the 1 on buffy where angel lost his soul and became angelus again.

And the 2nd one on angel where the angel investigations crew had angel's soul extracted is the right word i think.

Personally i prefer the angelus of season 2 of buffy cause he was mean cold hearted and brutal.

Has anybody heard the comments he made to buffy?

Some people anfter angel got his soul back some people coments about angel losing his soul including xander he made to many for me to mention.

I like 1 of riley's comments to angel.

Riley who became buffy's boyfriend in season 4 of buffy and part of season 5. And made a guest appearnce in season 6 of buffy.

And made a comment about spike in season 7.

Riley said to angel he said don't tell me you've gone and lost that pesky soul again angel.

And he also said now what with buffy could make you go and lose your soul.

And angel's comment was that's between me and buffy.
Bryan Blanton
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« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2005, 09:04:55 PM »

Has anybody who post here seen the season 4 of angel the episode where angel loses his soul again and becomes angelus he has this dream it's similar to indiana jones raiders of the lost ark.

Where he has to find this sword that has the power to defeat the beast.

After he defeats the beast angel experiences a moment of perfect happiness with cordelia.

And we all know what happens when angel experieces a moment of perfect happiness he becomes angelus again.

Did anyone see the look on cordelia's face when the change begins as angel starts to become angelus once more.

The look on cordelia's face says it all.

The look on her face says 3 or 4 things she had a look of shock and surprise on her face like she couldn't believe what just happened and what she's just did i don't think she could believe that angel could experience a moment of perfect happiness with her.

I don't think she believed that angel would lose his soul with her.

Also the look on her face is also a look of pure terror and horror.

Because cordelia knows all too well what angelus did in sunnydale.

And i also think cordelia was worried what angelus was going to do and say too her.

Did anyone else notice as angel got up off the bed with cordelia it's hard to hear angel say this cause he says it in a low tone of voice but angel says buffy.

It would have been something had buffy heard angel calling out her name.

I think it's too bad that all of it was just a dream sequence and not reality because having angelus as the main bad guy would have been better than the connors the cordelia's and the jasmine's

They could have had a great season 4 but i guess it was not meant to be.

Although some of the best things in the angel series did happen in season 4 as well as buffy's season 4 both of those shows 4th seasons were kind of rough angel was nearly cancelled after the 4th season but came back for another year.

Buffy was cancelled by the wb in the 5th year but went over to the upn for 2 more years.

Angel and i think the show's 5th year was 1 of if not the best years of the whole series. But the wb decided to pull the plug on it.

And i don't think i've watched a show on the wb since then.
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2005, 09:16:10 PM »

I have never watched that show....
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