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Author Topic: Some restrictions apply  (Read 338 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: June 30, 2005, 06:05:10 AM »

If you were to be a history buff, statistics freak, or to say the least a chap who sells himself off as a know it all, you would be inclined to disagree that the NASCAR world was anything but an antetype of what the top squadron is today. With costs being a target on the board, tearing up racecars is surely a cellar dweller that runs alongside hand in hand perhaps to poor finishes that result from fellow racers lack of good judgment or over aggressive actions. The cost of building a car from ground up is hardly keeping up with the cost of tearing them apart only to rebuild them. Man hours to avoidable fabrication rehash is by far a cost that not only is obedient to the sport as a required happening, but an anthology that is both unwritten and yet forever acknowledged. From driver to owner going through every member of the team a clean racecar at the end of the weekend is a glossy trophy in itself. Giving way to the pleasantry of the work week laced with unforgiving hours of normal tasks, is the ugly mess that is the fixable car. Take the strippable heap that has seen its better days pass, left destined for the parasitic evolution of what ranges from wall hanger sheet metal to an assemblage of suspension parts that were dragged back from the epic of function only to lay cut and disbanded like a dead army, and you have what is known as the easy part of a wrecked car.
  What do the crews, drivers and owners fear? What do the fans and media selfishly await? We all feel the fever of what may happen in close quarters of the monster, almost to the point of denial deep within. Opinions range as far as the great grazing herds once did on this continent when it comes to restrictor plate racing, but nothing brings the masses closer than the collected concern, fear and for some, desire of the big one. A phrase that can not be bought and owned due to its inherence to the race and at the same time, no way to expiate. It belongs and lives.
  Once the traveling show that goes nowhere has come to pass, there is but one value that can be placed at its feet, that is the value of life and that none has been shed due to the monster. Once the cash has been counted and ruined cars set to rest in the hauling tombs, can the value of restrictor plate racing be established, once divided by the value of life.
  If there is an answer to this puzzle it lay far off the shore of greed for the tickets must sell and the clown must dance, and all true fans must ready the tissues that may dry the eye come the conclusion.     Not a sporting event on earth other than perhaps that of the running of the bulls or the steeplechase does man place his very life on the line to perform it course and fulfill his duty. Auto racing stands alone in its ability to enhance this aspect of sport, it is known as restrictor plate racing.
  You may have to search far and wide for an answer to remedy what many see as an ailment, perhaps farther for a reason to change what many more see as an enhancement to this great sport. What ever the answers may be, we will live with this event in honor and respect for the drivers who perform for prize and glory. When the dew has dried from the morning grass and midnights’ moon has reigned in the night, there will be but a small group of men who will have the true answers once again. If at all the monster fails us, we shall see all that started to finish and give that answer once more.
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