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Author Topic: Truck Race Last Night  (Read 441 times)
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« on: June 25, 2005, 05:51:10 PM »

I know Vivian and the folks on the west coast enjoy the late races, but I swear I knew when I heard the Milwaukee race wasn't starting until 9 p.m. that we'd never made it til the end.  So I set the Tivo ahead of time to record it.  Good news was because of the threat of rain they didn't waste too much time on a pre-race show.  The bad news is Lou only made it through 15 laps before he was snoring.  Not having anyone to talk to, I started dozing off myself after about 30 laps.  Would wake up when the commercials came on the LOUD channel and switch the audio over to MRN on XM.  Then the commercials on SPEED just kept coming more and more frequently.  By halfway in the race, I said "This is BS" and just turned it off and we both headed to bed.  

We watched the end of the race this morning and I meant to try and clock how quick we got through the next 100 laps when fast-forwarding through all the commercials.  Unfortunately, I forgot to look at the clock when we started watching though.  But the commercials were ridiculous!

I know Rick Allen is doing the best he can, but I swear is the master of stating the obvious!  He repeats stuff that someone else has just said or the same things over and over again.

Kenny Wallace was a little more tolerable than usual, but was a bit too wired for my taste.  Thankfully Phil Parsons was there to temper the group and got a couple of good zingers in against Kenny.  One was when he was saying "I know he is as excited as I'd be in that car [trying to get the tow truck to push him]..."  Phil's response was hilarious!  "No, Kenny I doubt any one is as excited as you are..." or something like that.  That was the highlight of the broadcast as far as I'm concerned.

Since there wasn't a lot happening up front, the TV guys FINALLY got a clue and started showing some battles back in the pack (well at least the top 12).  But it took them until about 15 laps to go to figure out there was a lot of racing going on back there.  

Ray Dunlap is lucky the second place finisher didn't have the energy to retaliate after he pointed out he'd finished second 32 times (or something like that).   Wink

Instead of filling the last 15 minutes of the scheduled time slot with more interviews, SPEED had to insert some filler show.   Sad    I guess they realized most viewers were already asleep.

More on the race itself under "race talk."

« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2005, 08:41:01 PM »

This broadcast was bad,  imo.  In fact, it was the worst ever as far as I am concerned.  

I just think they are letting all that tv exposure go to their head and are putting the racing second these days - JMHO...
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