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Author Topic: Are we alone ?  (Read 392 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: May 25, 2005, 05:17:13 AM »

. Yea, strange things happen to people. People do strange things. No matter the setting or circumstances, the truth is always better.
 This happened to me, it is the truth.
  I was in Las Vegas about 23 years ago, looking to get out and back home to good ol’ Buffalo New York. I as in no position to fly or drive so I decided to take the bus, yes the bus. As I sat in my seat waiting to get going I looked out the window at a man about 68-70 years of age. At the time my only thoughts were of some shut eye, however, somehow the look on this mans face, his age and clothing seemed to get a hold of me for a bit. The bus slowly drove off and this old man never turned to look, he just stared off into space. After who knows how many hours of travel we arrived in some small stop in Kansas. When the bus driver got off to check one of those mail box things the same man was standing there next to the box. As the driver walked up to the box the man turned and slowly paced off. At this point I was not sure. The bus pulled into Chicago for passenger transfers and the same man was standing there on the walkway. In Detroit the same man was there again at the walkway. In Cleveland I had to wait for another bus and was relieved to see he was not there –yet. During my wait I walked out of the terminal and down the sidewalk for some air. As I rounded the corner of the building the same man was walking towards me about 15 feet away. I looked right at him in the eye and started to turn around, as I did he got a look of sadness or disappointment on his face and I could not turn away. I started walking looking down at the ground, as I went by I seen him pass but never felt him. After about three more steps I turned back to look and he was gone. Nowhere to be seen. I never saw him again.
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