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Author Topic: Fox  (Read 491 times)
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« on: May 10, 2005, 04:30:04 PM »

Thanks, Sally, for your opinions of the announcers.  I watched the Cup race at a bar with the sound turned down, and did not watch the Busch race at all.

I cannot believe that Fox was given such marching orders to belittle the grand old Lady in Black, which has meant so much to our favorite sport.  Even Mike Joy, supposedly the straight man, has fallen prey.

But remember two things:
--Fox reportedly owns half of NASCAR Images, which is the equivalent of NFL Films and NBA Entertainment.  None of the networks broadcasting the other sports owns any part of their past in this way.
--NASCAR has a different ownership structure than the NFL, NBA or other leagues.  Those leagues are associations of independent ownership groups that have agreed to common rules.  On the other hand, NASCAR is a single company under family ownership.  The Frances have always been in control over what goes on.  It's just that today, that control is greater than it has ever been, as well as the stakes behind every decision.

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