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Author Topic: NASCAR not the only show this weekend  (Read 427 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: May 03, 2005, 04:41:06 AM »

NASCAR in its grave way gave the fans what they wanted-a crash. Sad to say there was a crash, glad to say there was a mild crash in nature yet a heavy toll in numbers as, let’s say half the field was taken part, and thus taken apart. What’s my take on the race? Typical plate race however in that it was a plate race there was a big mistake sorta made again. The birth of the plates is a twice born. It was spawned originally from the 80’s thing with Allisons’ car heading skyward. Rather it was born in the fetal years of the 70’s and in a winding road of competitive injustice (Take a bow Smokey) that saw NASCAR chase its tail in an attempt to corral the boys that are competitors.  The true history of the plate is far more colorful than just saying it was implemented in the 80’s. Take time, read up, it will free a great part of the sport to graze your brain. The weekend brought a sad day for me personally as Robby Gordon failed to make the show as Menards’ plate program is amiss. I assume Gordon ran a Menard engine, as there was little news to feed off. But the rest of the world brought some justly exciting entertainment as all those “look at me” news room news shows call them what you will gave us a new “to catch a thief” attitude as a missing bride was anything but warm to the touch in their eyes and thus a simple run from the alter.
 For anybody who has heard of the “DAILY SHOW” on comedy central, inmy neck off the woods they show the days prior show after the one for that day. In a nut shell Tuesday night should have Mondays show after Tuesdays. If your local cable has this try to watch it. I say this only because there is a joke they do that is a total rib ripper. I would not send you all the way to the tv if it were not.
 Looks like Robby Gordon fired Crew Chief after Phoenix as well, I’m still a big fan, it takes time.
  The daily show thing had me put this in chit chat and not racetalk
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