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Author Topic: Wow, I thought my job was tough  (Read 401 times)
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Smallblock bored
« on: April 19, 2005, 04:09:11 AM »

Seems that Kurt Busch had his front tires switched on his pit stop that preceded him slamming the wall. Right on left and left on right. The whole month of April seems the fools day has been on carry over. Hey the pope is dead, I repeat the pope is dead blurted FOX well he was not. 48 hours to soon I could see they had a pope watch on and just got a little too…..too, well there is no word for what it is they do yet. I mean they have no moral limits it seems.
  Hey anybody seen that deadly flu virus around the shop? I needed room for my salami sandwich in the deepfreeze and I think it got mixed in with the normal stuff. Deadly flu virus floating around huh? Wow, and to think we trusted those people. I’ve been called a pack rat but hell if it will kill me it’s gone. Why was it around? Then to listen to some lady use an 11 letter word to describe how to get rid of it by the folks who are now in possession of it. Burn it! I think she may have been in fear of people realizing that she is replaceable, so she pulled one out of the old books. In any case work is wild. Whether you are in charge of letting raw sewage go out into the open water way (see newest EPA standards) or simply making sure the ECOLI has been brought to at or above the critical control tempreture before the little kiddies lay the chompers on it, there are bound to be blunders. Finger in chilli and lady who comes forward to say the finger may be hers that she had it bitten off by a leopard and there is a connection? WOW!

  The shear magnitude is what gets me. I’ve seen some classics and these are all true. Friend has hard time with a female coworker/boss. Solution: 2 cups of salt in the pasta sauce right before it gets served. Result: gets even and fired. Manager at my local bowling lane/hangout put oil in where stripper goes and stripper where oil goes. The machine that dresses the lanes cripples the lanes and leaves them a dusty white, not the oily gloss there supposed to be. Did he notice (who could not) NO What a night that was! A friend paints the name “Quality Automotive” on the drivers side of a 1969 Plymouth wagon. In pretty big lettering you know. Then to make sure it looks the same on the other side of the car he examines it and looks at the other side of the car. And then…….Go ahead give a guess, stop for  a second and guess.
  He paints the “Quality Automotive” exactly like the drivers side almost to a tee. Starting of course with E and going EVIOTOMOTUA YTIL- But that’s not all, the letters were all backwards. By hand…….he also put snow tires on the back of a ladies front wheel drive car. She laughed and said I’m going somewhere else and drove off.
 Needless to say people are far more fun than any tely show but when you screw up a tire stagger that could have killed a guy where is the “system”. How do such huge things go wrong? Tell me folks, what have you done lately. I’ll take the 5th for now
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