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 on: October 14, 2015, 01:56:15 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Somehow Cheryl stayed awake and scored the win this week and 9th in the nation!  Not sure how since she had Kenseth (guess everyone in the world had him too).  Keith was a bit behind in 2nd, 12 points back, with Bill just a little further back in 3rd, 23 points behind Cheryl.  Desmond and Ryan had a photo finish for 4th.  Keith maintains his tenuous hold on the 2nd Half lead, but Cheryl's win allows her to draft past Lou and take over 2nd place.  She is now only 26 points behind Keith. He better start mirror-driving!  Lou drops to 3rd and is now 48 point behind.  Next week is the boring Kansas Speedway.  I hope we can all stay awake long enough to even pick our teams for the race.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing!

 on: October 07, 2015, 02:24:06 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Looks like Keith used Harvick's illegal car to smoke the field this week and get 36th in the nation.  Cheryl tried valiently to catch him but came up 6 points short in 2nd.  Bill was 3rd, just 11 points behind Keith.  Good job everyone!  Lou seems to have suffered from a busted rear end seal and finished WAY back in 8th, 57 points out of the lead this week.  With the win this week coupled with Lou's dismal finish, Keith takes over the 2nd Half YTD lead.  Lou falls to 2nd, 21 points back.  Cheryl remains in 3rd, but is now only 38 points behind Keith.  Bill jumps up to 4th, 84 points back.  Desmond drops to 5th, 99 points back.  Vicki and Richie are now tied for 6th, 147 points behind Keith.  Up next is the night race at Charlotte!  Thanks to everyone for playing!

 on: September 30, 2015, 12:35:39 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Desmond had enough fuel to get the win at NH and 4th in the entire universe!  Awesome job, Desmond!!!  Matt with 3rd in our group, 30 points back, and Richie was 3rd, 38 points back.  With his win, Desmond drafts by both Bill and Vicki to take over the 4th position YTD!  Great job, Desmond!  Lou remains in the lead 2nd Half YTD, but Keith cut into his lead a bit this week.  He is now only 36 points back in 2nd.  Despite Cheryl's mediocre finish this week, she remains in 3rd YTD, but is now 68 points behind Lou.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  This week we go to a track near and dear to some of hearts:  Dover Downs!  Unfortunately Hurricane Joaquin may be heading that way, so the race may be affected by rain delays.

 on: September 21, 2015, 11:20:04 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Richie stomped the field at Chicago, winning in our group and getting an amazing 14th in the nation!  Fantastic job, Richie!  His son, Ryan, was just 4 points behind him in 2nd, but couldn't catch Richie.  But Ryan did finish 20th in the nation!  Desmond was 3rd in our group, 10 points back and 28th in the nation!  Great job to you all!  Despite getting in an on-track altercation with Harvick and finishing WAY back in 9th this week, Lou retains the 2nd Half YTD lead.  But Keith shoved his way past Cheryl to move back into 2nd YTD, now 42 points behind Lou.  Cheryl drops to 3rd, 54 points out of the lead.  Bill's strong finish put him just 74 points behind Lou in 4th, with Vicki remaining in 5th, 139 back.  But Desmond strong finish this week allows him to close on Vicki form 6th as he is just 141 points behind Lou YTD.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Next up:  New Hampsh-bore...

 on: September 16, 2015, 12:48:14 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Despite NA$CAR throwing a debris caution or two to slow her down, Cheryl still managed to stay ahead of the Speedcouch field and get the win at Richmond and 27th in the nation!  Thank goodness she didn't have Martin Truex like some others.  Bill was 2nd in our group, just 16 points back and 112th in the nation.  Vicki was 3rd just a point behind Bill and 117th in the nation.  Keith and Desmond had a photo finish for 6th this week.  Despite having a dismal 4th place finish this week, Lou retains the 2nd Half YTD lead, but we have a new challenger in 2nd.  Cheryl's win drafts her right past Keith dropping him to 3rd YTD.  Cheryl is now 55 points behind Lou and Keith is 58 points behind Lou in 3rd.  Next week we are on to the boring Chicago Speedway.  Hopefully we can all stay awake during the race.  Thanks to everyone for playing!!!

 on: September 09, 2015, 01:09:24 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Desmond smoked the field at Darlington and got his 2nd win of the 2nd half of season.  He was also an amazing 6th in the nation!  Fantastic job, Desmond!  Hannah finished 2nd in our group, just 7 points back, and 18th in the nation.  Matt was 3rd just 21 points back, and 75th in the nation.  Despite finished 4th this week, Lou lengthened his lead in the 2nd Half YTD over all of us this week.  He now has a 43 point lead over Keith in 2nd, 81 over Cheryl in 3rd, 112 over Bill in 4th, and 151 over Vicki in 5th.  Apparently we all got Darlington stripes and fell out of contention.  Hopefully the short track at Richmond will confound Lou and the rest of us can catch up.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing!

 on: August 27, 2015, 12:42:51 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Ryan got the win in our group and 6th in the entire universe this week!  Awesome job, Ryan!!!  Hannah wasn't able to catch her brother and had to settle for 2nd, 25 points back.  But Vicki was on it this week and came home 3rd, 32 points back, but beat Lou, Cheryl, and Keith, who was WAAAAYYY back in 9th in our group this week!  Despite a mediocre finish in 4th, Lou retains the 2nd Half YTD lead in our group and 4th in the nation.  Keith remains 2nd in our group, but is now 39 points back.  Cheryl remains in 3rd, 63 points back.  After a rough weekend at Bristol, we all deserve the week off so we'll be nice and "fresh" for Darlington in a couple weeks. Thanks to everyone for playing!

 on: August 19, 2015, 01:19:42 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Well Lou apparently stayed awake long enough to take the win in our group this week at Michigan and 13th in the nation.  Good job, Lou!  Bill was just 8 points back in 2nd, and Desmond 15 points back in 3rd.  Apparently the "JR needs to get back on the lead lap" caution cursed both Cheryl and Keith this week, setting up the restart where Newman wrecked Bowyer.  This coupled with the win allows Lou to draft past Keith and take over the 2nd Half YTD lead and an amazing 2nd in the entire universe!  But never fear, Keith is still only 14 points behind Lou.  Unfortunately because of her mediocre finish, Cheryl drops 45 points behind Lou while remaining in 3rd YTD.  Bill is 4th, now only 98 points back.  But, never fear, the great equalizer is coming up this Saturday!  It's Bristol Baby!  Anything can happen and usually does.  Will Keith retake the lead?  Will Lou get collected in big wreck on the backstretch?  Will Cheryl do a bump and run on both of them and retake the lead?  Will Bill snooker everyone and get the win?  Stay tuned!  One of the Greg Boys is going to visiting from MD this weekend and perhaps everyone can team up and get Keith so confused he picks a bad team.  Wait, he's never that "confused."  :-)  Thanks for playing!

And to answer Cheryl's question - HELL NO I won't get collected in a wreck! I plan on winning AGAIN!

 on: August 11, 2015, 09:46:05 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Apparently Keith has a true new lease on life!  He won in our group this week and scored 15th in the nation!  Of course, he did use insider information from Cheryl.  ;-)  Lou was right on his heels and tried to wreck him at the checkered flag, but had to settle for 2nd, just 2 points back.  Cheryl was just bit further back in 3rd, 10 points behind our cheater.  Uh, I mean leader, Keith.  She decided not to follow her own advice and made bad picks in a couple of groups.  Keith retains the YTD lead, but Lou is still only 4 points behind him.  Cheryl remains in 3rd, but is now 18 points back.  With her strong finish this week, Vicki moves up to 5th YTD, 130 points out of the lead.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Perhaps Keith should take a week off just to give the rest of a chance now that he's hit his stride again.  On to Michigan and hopefully not (but likely) another gas mileage race.

 on: August 04, 2015, 07:09:54 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Hannah held on for the win while everyone behind her was running out of gas.  She finished 44th in the nation!  Fantastic job, Hannah!  Bill was 2nd, 26 points back, and Keith and Lou had a photo finish for 3rd, 28 points back.  No copying, kids!  Desmond and Richie also had a photo finish for 5th.  Unfortunately, Cheryl was driving her gas-guzzeling Pontiac and finished way back in 7th, which cost her the 2nd Half YTD Lead.  Yep, Keith is back on top in our group YTD and now sits 17th in the entire universe.  Lou is 2nd, just 2 points behind Keith.  Cheryl drops to 3rd, but is still very much in the hunt, just 8 points behind Keith.  Let's see how we all do at the road course at Watkins Glen this week.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing!  Of course, it looks like this is Keith's game and he's just letting the rest of us play so he has someone to beat.

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