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 on: April 12, 2016, 02:48:35 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
While Cheryl and Vicki had a close race for the win at Texas, Cheryl edged Vicki by just 4 points to get the win in our group and 20th in the nation.  Vicki was 2nd in our group and 42nd in the nation.  But then we had a THREE-WAY TIE for 3rd between Lou, Desmond, and Bill!  Don't think we've ever had that before!  They were also 52nd in the nation.  While the YTD standings stayed the same, they did tighten up just a bit.  Desmond still leads and Lou is still just 4 points behind in 2nd.  Keith remains in 3rd, but his dismal 7th place finish dropped him back to 17 out of the lead now.  Cheryl's win allowed her to close in on Keith and is now just ONE point behind him, but still in 4th YTD.  Bill is still 5th, 68 out, but Vicki closed in a bit and is now only 75 points behind Desmond.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Maybe we'll all have a better race this weekend at Bristol.  Or maybe there will be a shake-up in the the standings due to the usual Bristol shenanighans.  Stay tuned!

 on: April 05, 2016, 12:50:56 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Well we had a closer finish than the real race, with Ritchie getting the win in our group and 28th in the nation!  Great job, Richie!  Clay was just 3 points behind in 2nd and 35th in the nation.  Lou was 3rd, 16 points back and 74th in the nation.  Diane and Bill had a photo finish for 5th this week.  Good job everyone!  Because of their strong finishes, coupled with a dismal finish by both Keith and Cheryl, Desmond takes over the YTD lead and Lou catapults from 4th to 2nd YTD, just 4 points behind Desmond.  Keith drops to 3rd YTD, but is still only 7 points out of the lead. It seems actually BEING at Martinsville was not a good thing for Keith.  Perhaps too many adult beverages were consumed.  Cheryl drops to 4th and is now 24 points behind Desmond.  Vicki seems to have blown an engine and ended up in the garage this week, so Bill passes her to take over 5th YTD and Vicki drops to 6th.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing!

 on: March 21, 2016, 10:40:38 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
 Smiley Lou survived the Green/White/Checker to get the win at California and 25th in the nation.  Great job, Lou!  Desmond was 2nd in our grop, 14 points back and 75th in the nation.  Cheryl was 3rd, 18 points back and just edging out Keith who was 4th and 19 points back.  Keith retains the YTD lead and Cheryl remains in 2nd, now 8 points behind Keith.  Desmond remains in 3rd, now just 12 points behind Keith.  Unfortunately, it looks like Bill cut a tire and got a DNF this week, so he drops from 4th YTD to 6th.  Lou's win allows him to draft past Bill and Vicki to take over 4th YTD, now only 22 points out of the lead.  Vicki remains in 5th and Diane remains in 7th YTD.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Have a great Easter and in 2 weeks, we'll be back at one of the best tracks on the circuit - Martinsville!!!  Thanks for playing!

 on: March 14, 2016, 08:32:07 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Cheryl got the win in our group this week and 23rd in the nation!  She was followed closely by Vicki in 2nd, just 10 points back and 68th in the nation.  Lou was a distant 3rd, 23 back and 117th in the nation.  Good job to us all though!  With her win, Cheryl moves past Bill and Desmond to take over 2nd YTD and is now only 9 points behind Keith.  Desmond moved up to 3rd YTD, just 17 points behind Keith.  Bill dropped to 4th, 19 points back.  Vicki's strong finish allowed her to draft past Lou and is now 5th YTD, 32 behind Keith.  Lou falls to 6th and is 41 behind.  Diane remains in 7th, but is now 103 points back.  Unfortunately, the Funk Express derailed this week because Clay apparently doesn't know there is a different driver in the 14th car every week, so probably still had Vickers.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing!  Next up, Cali-bore-ya!

 on: March 07, 2016, 09:43:02 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
After missing Daytona and having a dismal finish at Atlanta, the Funk Express got on track to bring home the win in our group this week at Las Vegas!  Congratulations Clay on your first Speedcouch win and 18th in the nation!  Keith also got back on track and placed 2nd this week, just 8 points behind Clay and 34th in the nation.  Bill kept his strong run going finishing 3rd, 23 points back.  Due to his strong finish, Keith retook the YTD lead from Bill and is now 17th in the nation!  Bill is 2nd YTD, just 12 points behind and Desmond remains in 3rd just 21 points back.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing!

 on: February 29, 2016, 07:12:25 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Bill squeaked across the line just one point ahead of Lou to get the win this week and 25th in the entire universe!  Great job Blll!  Lou was 30th in the nation.  Cheryl was a bit back in 3rd, 12 points back and 88th in the nation.  With his win this week, Bill takes over the YTD lead from Keith and is now 24th in the nation!  Desmond's strong 5th place finish allows him to move up to 2nd YTD, just 2 points behind Bill.  Keith finished WAY back in 6th, so drops to 3rd YTD, 3 points behind Bill.  Lou is 4th YTD, Cheryl is 5th, Vicki is 6th and Diane is 7th YTD.  Looks like we have pretty tight battle among the top 3 in our group.  Thanks to everyone for playing!

 on: February 24, 2016, 12:41:03 AM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Well with the new season, we lost a few of our "legacy" players, but gained two new teams from North Carolina (I guess that franchising just didn't work out for some teams).  Please join us in welcoming Diane and Clay, two of our new friends from NC!  Clay didn't qualify for Daytona, but will be in for all the rest of the season.  But now on to the important business - Keith picking right up where he left off with his championship in 2015, by winning at Daytona.  Awesome job, Keith!  But he had to work for it, nipping Desmond at the line for the win by only ONE point!  Good job, Des!  Bill was 3rd, just 16 points back.   Obviously with the win, Keith has the YTD lead, for now.  Thanks to everyone who came back and Good Luck to everyone, especially Diane and Clay!  This is a tough crowd!

 on: November 25, 2015, 10:55:44 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Despite partying hardy during the race, Keith got the win in our group this week and an awesome 4th in the nation!  Great job, Keith! Even though his wife,Vicki, plied Cheryl with that wonderful Peach Sangria, Cheryl finished 2nd, 13 points behind Keith and 19th in the nation.  Lou was 3rd, 28 points back and 73rd in the nation.  Cheryl's strong finish at Homestead allowed her to win the 2nd Half YTD in our group AND move up to Number 1 in the nation and win the 2nd Half in the entire Collective Racing group!!!  Yeah for me!  Lou finished 2nd, 76 points back.  Keith finished 3rd, 95 points behind Cheryl in the 2nd half YTD.  But, because of his mammoth lead in the 1st Half, Keith is the winner in our group for the entire season!  Good job, rookie!  Because Cheryl finish 4th in the 1st Half, she finishes 2nd overall to Keith, 132 points back.  Lou finishes 3rd overall, 214 points behind Keith.  Desmond was 4th, 334 points back; Bill was 5th, 483 back; and Vicki finishes 6th, 484 points behind her husband.  As always, we appreciate everyone playing in the Speedcouch Fantasy League!  We definitely had a spirited battle with rookies, Keith and Vicki, joining us veterans this season.  They definitely gave us old-timers a run for our money.  I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  And that you will again join us for fantasy racing in 2016. Thanks for playing!

race results -
2nd half standings -
final 2015 overall standings -


 on: November 18, 2015, 10:09:45 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Bill won this week and scored 46th in the nation!  Vicki was just 3 points back in 2nd in our group and 63rd in the nation.  Lou was 7 points behind Bill in 3rd and 83rd in the nation.  Great job to all of you!  Keith seems to have jumped the start of the race and got penalized, or else he was still celebrating from his birthday party on Saturday.  Cheryl still leads our group, but Lou has closed in by 4 points.  Keith is still in 3rd, but has dropped 108 points out of the lead.  Not sure if anyone can catch Cheryl in just one race, but stranger things have happened in NASCAR, like 8 hours of race in the desert!  Only one race left in the season.  Where did the last 9 months go???  Thanks to everyone for playing, as always!

 on: November 13, 2015, 02:35:05 PM 
Started by Lou - Last post by Lou
Sorry for being so late this week. We had them done earlier but someone forgot to post them online :-(

Cheryl survived all the tire issues that seemed to plague a lot of us to get the win in our group this week and 12th in the nation!  Lou was 12 points back in 2nd and 19th in the nation.  Hannah was 3rd, 20 points back in 31st in the nation. Her win this week allows Cheryl to move into 2nd in the nation YTD!!!  Lou is now 10th in the nation, 65 points behind Cheryl.  Keith is now 14th in the nation, 98 points behind Cheryl.  With just two races to go, it's a tight battle among the top 3.  Who will win?  Multiple-time past champion, Cheryl; perpetual contender, Lou; or rookie, Keith??  Stay tuned!  This could get ugly.  Coming up next week is the flat, boring Phoenix track.  Could it be the great equalizer?  Thanks to everyone for playing!

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