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Title: Patty Kay article
Post by: Desmond on March 30, 2004, 09:08:20 PM
On the web site Insider Racing News, Patty Kay wrote:
Yes, the networks with the big-bucks contracts are FOX and NBC/TBS, but if you close your eyes, you'd swear that it was being brought to you on MTV. Somewhere, someone in a suit has decided that stockcar racing should be presented in a manner that will attract more young people to the fold, while seasoned fans are muting their TVs and reaching for their radios; of course, some are just reaching for a fishing pole or a garden trowel and leaving the TV off completely.

Oh, for the days of CBS and ESPN!  One night not too long ago, I watched a race ESPN televised in 1981 at North Wilkesboro, and they played banjo music as the starting lineups were announced.  I guess the days of both the track and music being part of the circuit are gone.

I firmly believe that stock car racing is a lifestyle, and that the new fans must accept all that goes along with it.  You can try to bring another set of experiences there--and I know that not all fans love the same things--but it's just not the same.

Then again, should we be surprised?  We now live in an America where you can't find The Dukes of Hazzard and Hee Haw on TV.  Instead, we have the Hilton sisters and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  Also, I stopped watching pro wrestling because Vince and Linda McMahon has corrupted it so much to fit the frat boy demographic.  It's no longer appropriate for families as it was so many years ago.

It's time for someone to remind us what NASCAR used to be and what it could still be.  Even if it's only the fan fiction character below.

Title: Patty Kay article
Post by: Cheryl on March 31, 2004, 02:07:13 PM
Great post, Desmond!  There really is nothing like the "culture" at a NASCAR campground.  Great folks who'll share their food with strangers no what what your driver allgience.

Here's an a good article from today's thatsracin about the "redneck" flap with Cope's team and how NASCAR is forgetting the people that supported them for all those years.  I love the author's comment that NASCAR would be shocked to know "rednecks" actually own computers.   :wink: