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Title: Benson
Post by: rcairo1460 on March 29, 2004, 07:56:31 PM
Not like alot of you out there truely care about Johnny Benson but did you see the end of the Bush race???.......When, I repeat, when will this man catch a break???.............He was locked into running 2nd & BOOM!!!!!  Smack dab in front of him......

Ps - Hows Riggs doing in that 10 car..........They made a HUGE mistake replacing JB with him........Comments welcomed........Hi Cheryl ! :shock:

Title: Benson
Post by: Cheryl on March 29, 2004, 08:57:54 PM
Hi Rich,

Yes, that fiasco at the end of the Busch race was terrible for Johnny and a lot of others.  Harvick couldn't deal with a Busch regular getting by him when Stremme passed him earlier, so he had to retaliate in spades late in the race and Johnny was just caught up in the aftermath.  The chain of events caused a lot of other stuff to happen too.  Bliss pulling a Mark Martin and pulling into the pits too early and then Sauter being taken out by Biffle, who is not better than Harvick in my book (even if I don't care for Sauter).  Though most of this was his own making, Harvick ends up with second place.  He must feel real proud of himself today.  He takes out two competitors running for the Busch championship (Stremme and Benson) and profits from it himself (all the while being a Buschwhacker).  I guess Harvick took the "whacking" part of that name a little too seriously.  What a shame that he continues to get away with this type of driving.


Title: Benson
Post by: Vivian on March 29, 2004, 09:42:23 PM
Hey, I like Benson.  I may not talk about him but I think he is one of the nicest people in Cup.  And although I may fail to mention it, it breaks my heart that he has such bad luck.  I sort of like Riggs but I hate him driving the 10 car and it seems I am always pleased when he does not do that good because in my mind he can't replace Johnny in that car. And I never have forgiven and never will forgive Lycos for what they did to him.  Now I am not bashing any driver; just wanted to let you know some of us do care what happens to Benson.  I watched the Busch race and it did break my heart again.  I am also glad he is on IWC and miss him if he is not there as I don't think anyone can really fill his shoes on that show.  He is just overshadowed by the antics of Mikey and Kenny.   :roll:

Title: Benson
Post by: rcairo1460 on March 31, 2004, 08:19:49 PM
Pleasure to read your post Vivian...As Cheryl knows I go to the Vegas race almost every year...I met Johnny & his family in the Treasure Island Casino the 1st year they raced out there...He is 1 CLASS guy.......One of the nicest people I every ran into....Time was no object for him when we were talking........Hes class & since that day Ive been a huge fan...Wanna buy some 10 die cast??....LOL.......I have it all..............Riggs should still be in Bush....These owners move these guys up tooooooo soon...I kind of smile also when he doesnt do well & as you know JB has a P/T ride with the big boys & hes beat Riggs & that 10 car in Daytona & in Vegas.....Maybe that ownership made a mistake, a HUGE mistake....Time will tell.......

Title: Johnny B
Post by: sally on April 01, 2004, 03:20:08 AM
HEY!  I'm from Michigan, and I can tell you we're very proud of Johnny here!  To see such a nice guy carry himself so well is a pleasure.  Goes some way toward trying to forget that Jack Roush is also from MI.  Not the most lovable sort.  He got robbed on Saturday!  Hope he kicks butt in Busch this year.