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Title: "Basket-brawl"
Post by: Desmond on November 23, 2004, 05:23:56 PM
I told you that this world is going to pot!

On Saturday, a day after the most infamous moment in National Basketball Association history unfolded in Sally's home state of Michigan, I visited two bars in Irvine, CA (in "the OC," as the kids say).

The footage of the fights--already some of the most-repeated ever on TV--was shown in front of some young fans.  All of them cheered, as if it were cool or something.

My father and I agreed that the reaction was hideous, because it showed a complete lack of disrespect for the situation and an inability to accept the consequences.

After another brawl in college football the next day (Clemson vs. South Carolina), Clemson coach Terry Bowden blamed the repeated showings of this "basket-brawl" on TV for their own situation.

Well, the consequences are in.  The three stars of the Indiana Pacers--Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal, and Stephen Jackson--will miss so much time that it is no longer certain whether the team will even make the playoffs.  The Detroit Pistons' heart and soul, Ben Wallace, is out for six games.  Neither Clemson nor South Carolina will play in a bowl game.  And the NBA must find something to get over its image of being dominated by man's inhumanity to man.

P.S. Don't buy the Allure album.  It will only encourage Ron!

Title: "Basket-brawl"
Post by: Vivian on November 23, 2004, 09:47:00 PM
I heard on the news somewhere that there were alot of young fans who were very upset over the situation.  What it didn't state was whether they were upset because of what the players did or whether they were upset because they all got suspended.

The ones who were cheering really have no idea of what is proper in this world and it all reflects back to the family values post you did, imo.

Title: "Basket-brawl"
Post by: ronbarnes77 on November 24, 2004, 11:34:39 PM
vivian i'm very upset by an article in mon's ny times that states that nascar isn't like over sports in that nascar hasn't had any incidents invovling fans this yr.i e-mail that writer and told him this was garbage because nascar has had three incidents in the last yr.i wonder if you and the onther couchers{neat word!]agree with me.

Title: "Basket-brawl"
Post by: Bryan Blanton on November 24, 2004, 11:35:17 PM
1 more comment about the fight though i do think it was ashame.

I think it just goes to show the ego arrogance cockiness and how spoiled and pampered some of these sports athletes are.

It,s ashame for the kids that saw this up close.

That sets shows the youth of america an a bad example and those people are supposed to set good examples and be role models.

I,ve heard a few of those guys already have criminal records not sure but that,s just a rumor i,ve heard.

Title: "Basket-brawl"
Post by: Desmond on November 27, 2004, 07:10:00 AM

Two of the incidents are the arrest of Scott Wimmer on drunk driving (the hiding-under-the-bed incident) and Jimmy Spencer trying to stand up to his (allegedly) vandalizing son.  I can't think of the third.  Maybe you can post when you come back from the holiday. (Kevin Grubb? Shane Hmiel?)

I'm afraid this is going to happen a lot more often, because drivers are arriving at earlier and earlier ages and with in better equipment than previous rookies.  This means a bigger sense of entitlement.

Title: "Basket-brawl"
Post by: Bryan Blanton on November 27, 2004, 08:31:31 PM
Yeah scott wimmer hidin under the bed boots shaking had to have his wife defend him that goes to show how manly he is. :lol:

Not very manly.

Title: "Basket-brawl"
Post by: Vivian on November 29, 2004, 10:14:47 PM
One of my biggest complaints is the different treatment of different drivers.  Shane Hmiel was allowed back into racing and still drives the same way, IMO and makes me wonder if treatment was totally completed or maybe????.... Again, just the way I feel.  But what about Rose and Grubbs?  We have heard nothing else on them or on Jamie Skinner.  They are still banned.

I used to really like Wimmer, but he fell a notch in my eyes.  As far as Spencer is concerned, we have never heard the whole story so I don't feel one way or the other about that.  

As competition for sponsors and drivers heats up, we will probably see more and more of less desirable acts from different people but I really don't think it will ever escalate to the degree of other sports.  JMO...